Charts are great! I love charts!

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May 14th, 2012 6:17 am

I was so excited to see my LD results that I decided to make a chart!

Here it is :


On this chart, you can see the results of my 3 Ludum Dare entries. Left columns are the position, middle columns are the rates and left columns are (position/number of entries) x 100, something like the position the game would have if there were only 100 entries. A good way to see if you improved yourself or not, despite the increasing number of entries.

I think this chart is quite interesting and I suggest you to do the same. Here, I can see I improved A LOT between my first and second LD Game (first and second games ever) bu that my third LD entry wasn’t as good as the previous one. I already knew that but some details are very encouraging.

1 : I significantly improved my graphics, and I’m very proud of that

2 : Even if I lost some ranks in Mood and Humor, this chart shows that I’m still as good at it. By the way, it’s quite surprising that I got on LD23 a better rating and a worse ranking in Humor. Were the LD23 games funnier than LD22 games ?

3 : Innovation is interesting too! I lost A LOT of ranks in Innovation, even if my LD22 and LD23 entries have similar gameplays. But after all, it’s very logic. Never Alone Hotline was quite innovative, Ok, now this is akward wasn’t, because I already made Never Alone Hotline before.


In the end, I’m very happy with this results. It’s more or less what I was expecting with some good surprises (I expected much worse in Fun and graphics)  and a single bad surprise (only 127th in Theme ? Originality doesn’t pay much)

From now, I’m gonna work hard to improve myself for the next LD in august! Can’t wait!

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2 Responses to “Charts are great! I love charts!”

  1. dr_soda says:

    “Were the LD23 games funnier than LD22 games ?”

    By far, yes they were. The theme “Alone” was by and large taken to depressing places in LD22, so not many games even tried for humor. Likewise, “Mood” became pretty solidly associated with “Depressing” and as such most games that scored high in one scored low in the other.

  2. Pierrec says:

    I think you’re totally right.
    And that is the reason I’m pretty proud that my last two LD entries scored high in Mood and Humor.

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