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May 13th, 2012 6:44 am

If you are, I have some recommendations for you :)

I’ve rated about 200 games, and it’s high time I shared some favorites !


Only Us

ONLY US by Datamosh – Jam Entry

This game has the greatest mood ! You play a cosmonaut, and you must explore a planet. But you must be careful not to run out of food or be too lonely. In order to do that, you can build buildings and interact with things. It feels like a sandbox because you can interact with what you want and build wherever you want. Besides, there are multiple endings. I really enjoyed this one, playing in this strange, creepy atmosphere.



Tiny Journey – Evil Sandwich Studios – Jam Entry

You play a little guy who dreams about building a rocket to escape his sad tiny planet and the not-so-great existence he had on it. It’s kind of a point and click where all the controls are with the keyboard. Don’t miss the checklist on the first room because it’s the guide of the story. You have to place the character up to get it because otherwise he wants to interact with the door.

This one too has a great mood. I really felt compelled to finish the story and I didn’t get stuck. I’m always stuck at some point in this kind of games… Everything is pretty straightforward in this one. It’s a very enjoyable game.




The World in a Bottle – Robotic – Jam Entry

This one is a very well thought take on the theme. You play an evil scientist that likes to torture tiny things. As he’d like to torture humans, he has to make them tiny. So in the first phase of the game, you have to miniaturize people with your laser to put them in a jar. But humans won’t let you do it that easily ! In the second phase, when you have enough humans, you can play with them in the jar.

A very fun entry !




There is a Picture – MortisGhost – Jam Entry

Some people have already talked about this game but it still doesn’t have a lot of ratings (40). You really should play it, that’s a very unique game with a very simple gameplay. You play a guy in a spaceship that wants to create a new world by uniting planets. To convince planets to join his project, he has to give them something. They all want objects, and the guy has a lot of objets in his spaceship. So you just have to walk between the rooms to find the objects they want to get them on board. Sometimes you have to merge objects together.

The screen doesn’t show it much, but this game is very immersive. The storytelling sequences are great and you want to follow the story. This game is very unique and has a great mood.




Disregard All Humans – Fireblend – 48 Hour Compo Entry

Another very fun game that fits well the theme. You play a dinosaur on a tiny planet. You destroy cities and eat humans, but they attack you too of course. As you eat more humans, the moon turns red and you grow so big that the earth seems tinier and tinier to you.

A very simple and dynamic gameplay and engaging graphics make this game a pleasure to play.




Corky – Gib – 48 Hour Compo Entry

I love the idea behind this game, and it fits very well the theme. You have a tiny world that looks like the one on the screen, but in grey and you can name and customize it. In your world, there are 3 NPC that you can name too and you can change their dialogs and then talk to them to see it. The corridors on the sides of the screen lead you to the customized worlds of the other players.

Unfortunately, not a lot of people seem to have played the game as I didn’t encountered any other customized world, but I would have loved to and I really enjoyed customizing mine.

It really was a great idea for this theme.




World Panic! – raarlac – 48 Hour Compo Entry

That’s one of the games I played the most. The execution is just perfect. That’s an avoider game where you play the earth. You battle against several planets of the solar system and ultimately the sun (not that I managed to get that far as the game is quite difficult ;)). Planet throw bullets at you and you just have to avoid them, you can’t fight back.

The gameplay is as simple as it can get, the graphics are engaging, the particle effects are beautiful, and the music fits so perfectly : it really follows the rythm of the particles (or the other way around) and it gets more intense as the battle becomes more intense.




Niña Nueve – Jonathan Whiting – 48 Hour Compo Entry

That’s a great game. A first I thought I wouldn’t play it long because I wouldn’t manage to solve the puzzles. But it’s not really a puzzle game even if it looks like one. It’s part puzzle, part Zelda-like, part something else. It’s quite unique actually. Anyways, in this game you have to move through the different rooms by getting to the arrows. To get to the arrows, you’ll do various things : activate switches, play with a balloon, lure monsters into activating switches, kill monsters, avoid monsters, kill bosses.

What I really enjoy about this game is that there are fights, but you don’t have an attack control. You fight monsters by throwing at them a balloon that you find in some rooms. And it is so much fun ! I finished the game and I’d love to play more of it. That’s a very clever game.




The Traveler – Thotor – 48 Hour Compo Entry

Such a beautiful and poetic game… It’s a puzzle game where you play a little guy in a snow globe, and in each level the objective is to get to the blue checkpoint. But you can’t do it at first. You have to shake the snow globe : it makes the snow fall (pretty), but more importantly it makes some blocks falls. Some blocks will take several shakings of the globe to fall, according to their pattern. So it’s all about getting at the right place when you shake the snow ball.

I find that the snow globe idea is such a perfect take on the theme. This game has a wonderful mood, the snow-globe-levels are beautiful, and on top of that the concept of the game is very interesting. This is definetly my favorite entry on the compo.






What I enjoyed a lot when playing and rating games is seeing all the various interpretations that were made of the theme. I tried to list a few categories for fun. And put some entries in them, in case you have time to rate more games. A game can belong to serveral categories.


“Tiny World” as a tiny world in a bottle

World in a Bottle – very nice to play and watch evolve

The Traveler

The World in a Bottle


“Tiny World” as a small ecosystem you influence

Miniature Words – fun little game to play with

This Precious Land – very polished triple-town like game

Evolve – not much to do but awesome graphics

Atom Planet – Beautiful Minecraft-like game with a great mood

World in a Bottle – very nice to play and watch evolve

Sun Bringers – little puzzle game with nice mechanics


“Tiny World” as a small ecosystem with humans

Tinyvilization – a great well thought strategy game, you should check out this one

Tinyville Confidential – fun idea, great execution !


“Tiny World” as the world from tiny things’ point of view : insects

Ant Surf Hero : the surfening


Prince of leaves

Flea Circus – fun little game


“Tiny World” as the world from tiny things’ point of view : atoms and molecules

Atom grid – You really should try this one, it’s a very clever puzzle game. But don’t overlook the how-to-play or you’ll be lost !

Polarity – Very polished and interesting puzzle game

Microscopia – Amazing game with unique mechanics and super simple gameplay. Check it out, you won’t regret it !


“Tiny World” as a tiled world with a few tiles

Five by Five – a nice looking little puzzle game

This Precious Land – very polished triple-town like game

Scape – beautiful, clever and very polished puzzle game

Cracked – nice puzzle game with interesting mechanics


“Tiny World” as restricted space with boundaries that can be extended

Extensionism – Puzzle game with great visuals, mood, gameplay and concept

Recluse – a platform game with such a great twist


“Tiny World” as “I am on a little planet”

Scape – beautiful, clever and very polished puzzle game

Tiny Journey – talked about it earlier

Tiny Island Adventure – a platform game with great graphics

Quest^3 – an RPG on a rubik’s cube like world, very interesting mechanics


“Tiny World” as a restricted perspective on the world, psychological (or not) imprisonment

Memento XII – a highly polished game

Tiny Flat


Asylum – Great mood, great graphics


“Tiny World” as tiny planet to protect

Tondie and Zupe

Aether – unique game with great graphics and mood

Astro Break – great graphics

Necro Gaia – incredibly polished defense game

Space Bear – very bizarre surrealistic game that deserves a look, collect cosmic stars to repair the earth !


“Tiny World” as in “I enter a world that gets tinier and tinier”

Fracuum – incredibly polished game with great mechanics

Soul Searchin’ – a great take on the theme, very innovative game !


And you, what categories did you find ? :)




As for my game if you want to check it out, its here : Tinysasters !



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  1. Datamosh says:

    Thank you very much for playing our game “ONLY US”! We are so glad and happy that you recommend it! We send you a special “EMOTE” for you from Argentina :)

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