The Last Square – Post-Mortem & Timelapse

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May 13th, 2012 6:07 am

What went right :

  • The whole code workflow : the past ludumdares contained some nice surprises, bugs, physics related issues… But from start to finish i didn’t encounter many problems on that project (if you don’t count network settings).
  • The server didn’t fall down \o/ (much).
  • Lidfrid which is another LudumDarer helped me gather attention on the game & debug stuff ! (check his game !)
  • Once people understood the rules it was fun to play (for me at least), some strategies were actually involved. Me & Lidfrid were more the middle guys while Amodo & Norgg were the kind to work on their own around the map :)

What went wrong :

  • I started late on the LD48, i wish i could have made it for the LD48 but i haven’t. It’s in the jam right now :3
  • I am not used to work with flash stuff and for whatever the reason i decided to host the web server myself instead of just shipping a *.swf file on a dropbox. Too much fight with my firewall.
  • Policy server file : when doing networking through a browser the server has to give the client a policy file. I spent quite some time trying to understand why the server wouldn’t recognize the client policy file request. I didn’t see one space at the end of the request…
  • A few server downtimes since the ip was actually hard-coded and my ISP is updating it every day i had to make a few changes but it was actually quickly fixed by changing / adding servers.
  • The font ! There’s a chat in the game so i had to find a cool font, i did find it but there were no punctuations, no numbers : just letters. It was a bit frustrating.

What could be improved :

I wish i would have allowed me a bit more time for the instructions, most players are complaining about that. Even with a screen at the start of the game, it didn’t work well, grey on grey ย and just a few lines of text are not good enough.

After not understanding the rules you are not helped much within the game as well, there’s not enough visual feedback about where you can build a tower or when you can build them. The list of the players on the right were actually a ranked list, but i’m not sure many players understood that since there was no indication whatsoever. I should show the percentage of the map conquered and the % of the map you have to conquer to win the game. Basically more feedback for everything.

I’ve already made a *lagfree* version of the game but since it didn’t take much time to code, it would have been better added in the submitted version.

Future :

I’m going to put the project on github, i’m not sure i will work on it right away since i have other projects but after adding more feedback features as explained earlier, one cool thing would be to make it totally cross-platform between C++, Flash & HTML builds. I’ve actually used the flash networking library for that project but i’d like to use haxe networking and see how it goes.


Languages used :

  • Client-Side : Haxe + Nme ย (mostly Flash lib)
  • Server-Side : Python + Twisted

Tools used :

  • Photoshop
  • Chronolapse
  • Sublime Text 2


Link to the game

3 Responses to “The Last Square – Post-Mortem & Timelapse”

  1. Lidfrid says:

    you forget this

    What could be improved:

    – Font used

    Great job!

  2. caribou says:

    Yes you are right, but since it was already in “what went wrong” i let it there ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. Lidfrid says:

    You’re right. Jumped that line, because it id after server things that i can’t understand ๐Ÿ˜€

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