Second round of favorites!

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May 13th, 2012 4:33 pm

After I rated 50 games, I choose 10 entries which I thought deserved more recognition and praise. Now I reached my goal of 101 entries, so I’m picking 10 more games from the total I’ve played so far (of course, without repeating games from my previous list, so if I’m not repeating games here it doesn’t mean I don’t like those entries anymore, lol). To celebrate I reached my goal, I’m also putting pictures this time around!. You have no idea how hard is to select only 10 more entries out of 100 (and believe me, scrolling such a long list to spot the entries you enjoyed the most is not any easier, so if I missed one I’m sorry :( ) but here is my attempt:

Let’s do this!!

This game is beautiful. Simple, fun, polished, play it.








AWESOME game. Amazing graphics, cool background music and with innovative game mechanics. Loved it.





Game With a Fantastic Title

A beautiful musical experience accompanied by gorgeous art. Warning: Involuntary smiles may be a side effect of playing this game.





Little City

A gameboy-era-reminiscent game. A tiny adventure on a tiny city with a mind-blowing ending. Tears will come to your eyes when playing this game.





Apocalypse Inc.

Die Aliens! Die! Die!!! Mwahahahahaha!!!




The Tourist

Interesting adventure although the beginning is a bit slow. Be patient with this entry and play it until the counter reaches zero!







A challenging game. You can clearly see how difficult is to defend a planet when you play this game.









Interesting and well executed game mechanics. The mission is to survive as much as you can by finding new planets where your population can migrate before the end of that world comes.






Intriguing take on the theme. It doesn’t matter if you don’t feel anxious in small spaces in real life, this game will make you feel exactly that once your character feels trapped. Don’t believe me? play this game.




There is a Picture

Insteresting and insightful game where -in fact- there is this picture…






Special mention

The Green Planet

Yeah, I cheated again. I was unable to pick only 10. This game deserves to be on the list as well.

We all know that for the most of it, gravity is a b*tch. Well, in this game you have to use your planet’s gravity to redirect asteroids so they impact with Jupiter, collecting the resulting debris so your planet can grow. In other words, this is probably the only scenario where gravity will ever help you reach your goal instead of sabotaging your plans.


Well, if you haven’t played our game before, you still have 1 hour, 30 minutes to PLAY IT! We love to receive comments, suggestions and any form of feedback you may spew! (from both Conway’s Game of Life veterans and people who never heard of CGOL before).

EDIT: Now I’ve mastered the obscure art of proper paragraphs.

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