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May 13th, 2012 1:30 pm

I’ve played a little over 50 games now and I wanted to thank everyone who made ‘favorite’ lists. This made rating 50 games a breeze and I had a lot of fun playing the cream of the crop. You guys who play hundreds of games and distill it to a few awesome suggestions are totally awesome.

Here are just a few lists of favorite lists that I found useful or fun.

Volute:  Up for rating a few more games?
epic long list. I haven’t even gotten to these yet, but I’m super excited and hopefully can get through them all before the time limit.

CappaGames: Top 3 ludum dare 23
I don’t think I could ever get down to a ‘top 3’, but these ones are all worth checking out!

JaJ: Play these games because…
Nice to see someone make a list of games based on originality / innovation

KevinWorkman: Games with Awesome Songs?
I’d actually played a lot of these before I saw this list, and now I’ve played them all. Definitely some fun use of audio in these. I hope they all do well in that category!

Honorable Mention
(I basically didn’t have enough time to play through all the games in these lists, but they look totally great too!)
My Recommendations
One Day Left (I totally agree about Tondie and Zupe)

ok… on second thought, there are a million lists that are totally awesome. Nice job, list makers! (post more list links in the comments please!)

I wonder if my team’s game made it into any of these lists… that would be a super honor.


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