I know it’s kind of late to be doing this, but maybe someone will see a game they missed!

Greed Wars –  [has web version] A 2D RTS that takes place on a wrapped radial surface (around a tiny world!). Very fast, kinetic, frenetic strategy action. There are many ways to totally beat up the CPU opponent but highly engrossing and one to watch- if multiplayer is in this one’s future, it’s going to be a blast. Great presentation.

ANT SURF HERO: THE SURFENING – [has web version] A heart-wrenching love story.

My Little Dungeon – [has web version] Stunning presentation- beautiful graphics, some of my favorite music from LD23 and very heavy, mildly anxiety-inducing decisions to be made- do you want to spend more time and resources keeping your hero safe, or gamble and set him up against some strong monsters in order to make him tougher quicker?

Planet ZOOB – A really cute little arcade-style game where you are a creature defending a small planet.  The visual design is very cute and the way music ties into it is quite clever.

It’s a tiny world – An addictive tile-based mini-RPG with some intriguing puzzle aspects in its magic system. Like an even lite-er Desktop Dungeons! I’d love to see what it would be like a little more fleshed out, but I’m just always a sucker for feature creep.

The Underground Court – [has web version] Caranha worked really hard to review a lot of games this LD! I see his avatar on almost every single page I go to. I think the resource management in this is a bit interesting and the nonlinear gameplay in the brand of design he showcases here is nice to see. I’ll be following his future endeavors for sure.

Conquest of the Cyber-Ovine – A top down action RPG. The game-world is randomly generated islands on top of water (or, in other levels, ice or lava) and you must level up to proceed to further levels. Scattered throughout each world is a wealth of equipment that is all upgradeable, such as an item that lets you teleport into the distance to move quickly or escape, a bat that knocks enemies further away as it levels up, et cetera. I really enjoy the concept and execution of it!

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