PLAY BURNING PLATFORM on your ANDROID phone or tablet

My little green friend and I have been hard at work on a post-compo revision for Burning Platform!

Those of you who downloaded the app from Google Play will very soon see an update available for Burning Platform. I wanted to make sure that I waited until the end of the rating period before pushing the post-compo update, so as not to break any rules. Those of you who left feedback on the original version will notice *several* improvements.

    Post-Compo update includes

  1. Clearer instruction text.
  2. Lines that persist for a second after you lift your finger
  3. A new powerup, this one *further* increases the time the walls persist after you lift your finger.
  4. A tiny gravity meter in the top corner as a hint that tilting does something
  5. Your friends respond a little faster as you tilt the device around

Things that I noticed in the feedback and commentary:

1. Even though the compo-version game explicitly tells you to tilt the device to move your friends around, some players never tilted the device. They simply held it at an angle and let the little friends just fall down. I’ve tried to make it more obvious that the device orientation *is* the main control mechanism.

2. I agree that the lines disappeared too quickly in the compo version. This was priority #1 for me to fix and I did.

3. I want to add even more powerups but I don’t want them to be game-breakingly powerful. Now that the lines/walls persist that led to one other easy powerup. I’m still thinking of some others to add.

4. It won’t be in this update but I do plan to add high score tracking, possibly with an online component.

The people who played the game and got the mechanic seemed to respond very positively to the underlying idea, so I think it’s worthwhile to explore a bit. I hope those of you who played the compo version will also play the update when I push it and let me know if you feel like I addressed the major issues from the compo build.

In the meantime, if you haven’t already played it…

PLAY BURNING PLATFORM on your ANDROID phone or tablet

And then when the update appears later tonight let me know how you like the changes!

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