For(g>v) Post-Mortem!

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May 13th, 2012 1:32 pm


Well, this was my second Ludum Dare. My birthday was just after I made this, so I’m 14 now. I’m rather proud of this game, mainly because I ended with a finished game.

Things that went well:

COMPLETED: Last time I scrapped what I had been working on for 1.5 days so I ended up with a smaller game, one which I only worked on for about 4 hours. I’m really glad I was able to finish this and have a playable game.

ART: The art is actually what made this game. At first I was going to do a platformer about a guy who accidentally drinks a growth-potion and become huge, but as I was spriting it turned into this weird minimalistic character. It inspired me to do a computery sci-fi game, which led to this.

NO GLITCHES: There are no glitches at all (that I know of). I’m super-duper-extra-proud of this.

Things that did not go well

CONTROLS: The controls did not go over well. I actually thought they were neat because they were different from most games, but most people disliked the controls. I’ll be sticking with the basic WASD/arrowkeys from now on.

LEVEL DESIGN: I’m pretty bad at this. The levels are somewhat tedious instead of hard, and people complained about the difficulty. From now on i’ll try to make simpler, easier levels in the beginning that ramp up in difficulty as the player becomes familiar with the game.

.EXE: People complained about it being a .exe and not an in-browser game. I’m a newb at programming and I can’t do this yet, and I found it rather rude that people were complaining about it even though I apologized for that in the description.

LENGTH: Because of my poor level design, it ended up being rather short. I would have preferred for it to be about twice as long.

The future!

Right now i’m learning java, so when i’m able to I hope to remake this game with a slightly different title; “For(g!=v)”,. I plan on making it much longer, extending the story, and adding in some more gameplay aspects.

Game can be played here;

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