What have you learnt for the next Ludum Dare?

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May 12th, 2012 3:46 pm

So, what great epiphanies have you had regarding your entry into the next Ludum Dare?

I read a lot of Post-mortems and after-project analysis from people and it seems we all like the feedback and suggestions about how to improve in the future… Lets hope we put it all to good use and improve for next time.

I know what I need to improve myself. :)

Next time I know I have to aim for something a little less technically challenging and something which isn’t so much a great technical achievement in the short period of time, but something which is more of a complete package. I also have found out that people really *REALLY* like fun things to play! (go figure, huh) So next time, I am going to focus less on the technical and polish side of things and really try to nail a fun user experience. Since that is what makes people really warm towards your entry.

Here’s looking forward to the next LD… oh after the results of this one first. 😛

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  1. chambers says:

    I think for the next time I’ll try to make something as simple and fun as I can (like a single-screen score-based game) and then spend as much time as possible polishing it and making it more fun/adding more features. I hate having to cut features at the last momento and I’d love actually having extra time to perfect my game in the final hours. To take some examples, I think Astro Break by hulahulahest and Planet Zoob by Pacifist Games are very close to what I’d like to make in terms of simplicity and fun.

    Being able to test the game with a good amount of people would be nice too, to get a decent difficulty/score balancing.

  2. Evil Cult says:

    Next time around I wouldn’t really change the process we go through, as I think our team worked together really well and the game came together nicely, but I would change the type of game we make to be a little easier on us and also to make something more unique and innovative (instead of a generic action-adventure like we did this time).

    I think I’d like to get away from a tile-based game completely. They tend towards needing a large number of assets. I’d rather do something where there are fewer assets and greater opportunity for me to create the visual style in code (particle effects, generated bitmaps, etc.). None of the members of our team are dedicated artists, all have different main passions (the art was created by a designer, a writer, and a programmer), so limiting art assets should give us more time to spend making the game itself fun and polished.

  3. MadGnomeGamer says:

    This LD I learned that
    A) web games rule in an LD, and
    B) the LD community is the best for game jamming,
    and C) how much an original idea pays off!
    Also D) community participation is rewarded here!

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