One Day Left

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May 12th, 2012 1:09 pm

The suggestion system for rating 20 random posts for me is now chock-full of Windows games, which I cannot play.  If I could, would I anyway?  All that downloading and installing and trusting and stuff… yuck!

So I’ve taken to going down the top-10s people are posting now; if the game was good for them, well worth a look for me?!

And when I go down everyone’s top-10 -type posts for LD 23, almost all of them are WEB playable games!

What does this mean?  Will we be able to work out how rateable things are by their platform choice after voting finishes?  Is there a trend here?

I’ve been stuck staring at Java applets that just show blank and being asked to download Unity players that don’t exist for my Linux OS, and I’ve even borrowed a Windows machine to play a few that looked particularly promising.  But the general Webness is goodness and the right direction!

Haven’t seen any NaCL entries yet though, which is a shame as I tried it myself for a mini once: Afraid of the Dark

My favourite so far is Tondie and Zupe:

Its just so playable!  A complete little platform game.

Something completely different is Tiny’s World

I really loved the music!  I forgave the gameplay, even.  Go listen to it :)

Tiny Civilization is super-nostalgic for me and I’m not even going to try the new colour version :)

My own game is a web game, and I’m rather hoping people will appreciate the pretty graphics and the CTRL-B mode-switching:

The Small World of Professor Strange

(nothing like trying to rustle up a few more ratings before the deadline 😉

Go Web Go!

3 Responses to “One Day Left”

  1. dr_soda says:

    Hey there, I remember you had trouble trying to get my Android game from Google Play so I posted a link to the apk on my website :

  2. Will Edwards says:

    thx dr_soda, I saw and took advantage of it already :)

  3. Rabbits... says:

    I agree with the “Tondie and Zupe”. I love that Game!

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