Hey y’all! It’s already been almost 3 weeks since we all finished working on our games… And even though the 48-hour marathon, which was the reason why I took part of this, was immensely fun and satisfying, I can’t help but say I these 21 days have been even more enjoyable than the competition itself. Waking up to see new comments on my page made me smile every day. I was already happy enough to make a playable game all by myself in 48 hours, but this was my first LD and I had no expectations that the community would be so nice and had no idea that so many people actively rated and commented on each others games. So reading everyone’s nice comments and finding my game in other people’s recommendation lists made me feel it was all more than worth it.

Even though Ludum Dare is a competition, I can’t think of a better prize than knowing that other people enjoyed the experience your game created. I believe the real “winning” here is feeling satisfied with your final product, and of course, knowing that your game achieved what it intended to. My game has a lot flaws and there’s always improvement to be done, but I can say with confidence that, in the end, the overall experience from these 23 days was very fulfilling. So congratulations for everyone who achieved this, and in case there are people who haven’t, I hope it becomes motivation for taking part of more and more LDs!

Something that also made this 3-week experience incredible was getting to play other people’s games, which I enjoyed a lot. There are a lot of delightful surprises and a huge variety of good ideas around. It doesn’t matter how many times I look, I always find some new pearls, and knowing that there are so many people with creative ideas out there is always good and inspiring. Even though I already wrote a review post, a few games that I played very recently instantly became some of my favorites, such as SubAtomic (which was funny as hell), Planet ZOOB (highly addictive) and Tinytanic (whose humor and shifting mood I loved).

Anyway, I’d like to thank once again everyone who played my game and left a comment on my page, and to tell everyone from the LD community that you are awesome. Seriously. I’m still amazed at how friendly everyone is and how genuinely helpful and caring the participants are toward each other. Some competitors have helped me out and I also feel like I’ve helped a few people.

I will also take this occasion to let you know I decided to start using twitter (@BiggerBoo) so if I’ll post there any updates on Recluse and other games I’m working on, so keep tuned. To take a look at other projects, check out the indie group I’m part of, Catavento. (@catavento_games). Like many other participants here, I’m from a country with a relatively underdeveloped game industry and having your support means a lot to us.

Also, if you still haven’t played and rated my game, Recluse, please check it out – there’s still time! The post-compo version should be released soon, so please stick around!

Thanks for reading and good luck, everyone!

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