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May 11th, 2012 9:44 am

I just want to remind everybody that while rating is nice and gives us our chart at the end with the “winners” what is really important is to help others grow as a designer, and the best way you can do that is leave a comment after you play a game. Explain what you liked about the game and what you didn’t like, and even add things that you would have thought would improve the game. I always try to include ¬†a comment to the games I rate and I make sure to list at least one positive thing along with my¬†criticisms.

Also, try to include something the author isn’t already aware of or has heard a dozen times already. I’m upset that I didn’t think of this earlier, but read the other comments so you aren’t posting the 19th comment about how the colors look weird.

And, when you post a comment, there is a link to your game right there that the developer can click to play. I know my last twenty comments have come from people playing my game after I’ve commented on theirs.

I definitely appreciate all the feedback that I have gotten and it has led me to some great ideas for improving my game post-compo. I know everyone else would really appreciate a constructive comment whenever you play their game, so please try and take the time to leave one.

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  1. Jedi says:

    Good points! Except, it’s still helpful to say what you did / didn’t like, even if the author has heard it 19 times.

    How many people say a thing is a metric into how important that thing is to the public. See the post Casino Jack made two posts above yours :).

  2. Keirua says:

    Yep, some very good games do not have a lot of comments and that’s really bad, it won’t encourage the authors to keep working on their game, or to have information on which aspects have to be improved according to the players.
    I’m always leaving a comment anytime I’m playing a game here, and I wish everybody was doing the same. I’m aware that, as you say, it’s not easy to always be constructive, but I’m sure that game makers love to hear that people liked their games.

  3. vilya says:

    I agree with you that it’s important to post a comment, but I think it’s better to write it *before* reading the other comments. Reading through the other comments can influence your opinion of the game, whether you mean for it to or not & I think it’s more valuable to give someone your “raw” impression.

  4. Toast says:

    I think some people are afraid of receiving grudges or something – as if they might get poor ratings simply because they gave a negative review.

    Personally, if I think your game is bad, I will tell you why I think it’s bad.

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