Post-Mortem Nano Spin

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May 10th, 2012 4:11 am

This time I had the goal of making a game that I’d like to play within the context of Ludum Dare. Something that is still enjoyable although you just played a ton of other short games and your patience is running low. Here are some of my criteria:

– Needs to deliver in 1-5 minutes (show interesting stuff as early as possible)

– Don’t let the player wait

– Simple to grasp game concept (I get braindead after playing a lot of different games)

– Easy to play through

– Something isn’t interesting when most other games do the same thing

– Music and sound that don’t cause ear-cancer  (music that loops too obviously is super annoying, huge jumps in volume are annoying)

– A 5 minute experience with proper beginning and ending


How it went:

I used my regular selection of tools that have proven themselves in the previous LDs and I woke up super early for the theme announcement. For the brainstorming I forced myself  to focus on stuff that isn’t too vague. A vague idea doesn’t lend itself for something that needs to be finished in 48h, but the problem is I usually get super excited by vague ideas and hate most of my concrete ideas. Anyways after a while I settled for something that wasn’t too vague and started working. Strangely on Saturday I was lacking motivation that faded into a feeling of doubt in the evening. On Sunday I felt a lot more motivated and positive, starting the day with creating my own level editor and making some music. I think I uploaded my submission 30 minutes before the deadline, which is okay imo.

The Good:

Compared to my LD22 entry, this one turned out to be an actual game and people seem to be less frustrated with it than with my LD21 entry. Many actually played it through. I’m fairly happy with the game mechanic, visual style and music/sound. Also I didn’t get distracted by the real world or had to struggle with bugs/tools. Conditions were great in that regard. I even made my own little level editor which was fun.

The Bad:

As I mentioned, on Saturday  I was lacking motivation which resulted in less work done, less ideas explored, less problems fixed and less quality of the overall experience. It would have been nice if that day had been more productive.
Here are some of the issues I see with my game:

– The Intro doesn’t really sell that it’s related to the theme … in general there aren’t many theme related things going on

– It starts fairly boring (first screen)

– The flashing background gets a tad bit annoying

– Some levels focus on the weirdness of the controls rather than the spin mechanic and some are a bit too hard

– The spin is too fast

– The ending screen is bland (an animation or something would have been nice)

– The music is too fast compared to the gameplay and maybe a bit too repetitive

– Sound should be a bit louder

– I regret not having more interesting stuff going on (visual and gameplay wise)



All in all good.  Gotta tackle those issues next time, and also finally make a 3D game.


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