Why I didn’t enter LudumDare

May 9th, 2012 8:37 pm

I know how popular LD has been getting… last time it was over 1000 and now it’s just over 1402 — who knows what LD 24 is going to produce.  I decided you know what, I am going to relieve the LD community by not producing an entry.  What’s this mean to you?  Instead of 1403 it’s the 1402 you have now.  Instead of 1601 it will be 1600, or instead of 2016 you’ll have 2015 entries.  See I did this all for YOU ludum dare community.  You who has supported me over the years in my non-participation.  Specially all of you tasked with playing and rating as many games as possible.  I don’t think *I* could ever rate 1400+ games.  It would conceivably take the rest of my life, so my hat is off to you.  So in the interest of not burdening you any further I will try to extend this courtesy to possible future LD compos.

Thank you for your time and your service.


Keith Alan Weatherby II Esquire

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  1. Orni says:

    I don’t think that’s a proper reason – sorry.

    yeah – nobody can play&rate that much games – but is that a bad thing ? of course not!
    nobody wants anyone to rate so many games, that’s not what it’s about.
    It’s about making something and enjoying what other people made as well – how the hell could more entries result in something bad?

    if you don’t like to participate in ludum dare, that’s a shame but ok
    if you have private reasons or just don’t have the time, that’s ok as well

    but don’t say you won’t participate for “us” – that’s simply hypocritical

  2. Terra says:

    How is not participating helping the LD community? :)

    I think it’s safe to say that everyone here just wants to make games, and wants to see others do the same! 1402 is not just a number, each one of the 1402 are individuals, and each set aside a weekend intending to accomplish something and did it! I want to see /your/ game, and I want to see what /you/ can do afterwards with what you learn.

    Also no-one is expected to rate 1000 + games. That’s why there is the 20 games chosen to play based on ratings and coolness, theoretically if everyone rates 20 games based on those picks than everyone will get an even spread of ratings, with preference to people who put more work in. The system works really well :)

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