Shipwrecked User-Friendly Edition

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May 9th, 2012 2:38 am

I made a post-compo version of my game, “Shipwrecked“. I did not change the gameplay, but I made the interface more user-friendly.

Change list:

  • Stats are now always shown to the right.
  • Feedback is now displayed on the top.
  • New hotkeys: QE/12 for using actions, spacebar for closing a window.
  • Help addition.
  • Pop-up help.
  • Shafts are 25% more steady. Deposits bring 2 times more material.
  • In dungeons the amount of monsters nearby is displayed on top.

I planned to make the help system similar to MCX360’s one (Minecraft for Xbox 360), and it’s now even more similar.

(You still can suggest things)

2 Responses to “Shipwrecked User-Friendly Edition”

  1. JesterBLUE says:

    Much better! Now I wish for the red text at the top of the screen to tell me how many enemies are nearby while I am pillaging, and make moving easier, maybe by adding double click = click topmost button (which is usually move) Good Job!

    • Madball says:

      …I have a feeling you only read partially…
      Instead of clicking the topmost button, you can press Q/1. Instead of clicking the lowermost button, you can press E/2.
      Telling how many enemies are nearby will be added.

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