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    MiniLD #34 – Aspect

    Posted by (twitter: @S0phieH)
    May 9th, 2012 10:26 am

    MiniLD #34 is OVER!

    > 69 entries total, check them out HERE <

     Great job everybody! :D

    Original post:

    Yay, I’m hosting a mini LD again! did you miss me? :D

    • Date: Weekend of 26th-27th 19th-20th!
    • Theme: Unimportant!
    • Rules: your game must be one of the following resolutions!
    1. 18 x 64
    2. 128 x 128
    3. 1024 x 128
    4. 4096 x 4096
    5. a circle, 500px diameter
    6. 8 x 8 x 8

    It will be non-competitive (so no voting on entries), as such feel free to disregard theme or rules as you see fit and just do whatever you think would be fun :) oh, and for the resolutions, feel free to do ’64 x 18′ instead of ’18 x 64′ if you fancy, or mix them up any way you like, basically just stay away from conventional game shapes! :D So that’s that, make sure to appear! oh, and even though there’s no competition, you can’t win unless you make a game with fishing in it of course! :D EDIT: DATE CHANGED, SEE ABOVE! Darkhog had already claimed the 27th, so make sure to check that out! :D


    112 Responses to “MiniLD #34 – Aspect”

    1. Diabloist337 says:

      Hey, Just found this sweet website and this challenge. I’m entering too. :P
      I’m at my work-space today, and hopefully I can get a game done by the end of the day. (Since I’m good at what I do at work, My boss allows me do spend spare time as I wish, xD )

      I’ll be creating something for Windows though. I dont have a webspace as of now to speak of to host the game even if I made it in HTML5

      My chosen resolution is 1024 x 128

    2. Kix says:

      WHAT?!?! This Is the best theme ever :) Im thinking 18*64 or 500px circle! BTW Someone has to do the 8*8*8 cube thing that would be freakin amazing

    3. anachrocomputer2 says:

      I’m keen to have a go at this MiniLD (my first), because I have a 96×68 pixel LCD:


      Now, it’s too small for the 128×128 resolution, so I’m considering something like the 18×64.
      Or maybe make a 64×64 version? Maybe a 68 pixel circle? Hmm… I’d better hurry up and
      choose one!

    4. notnasiul says:

      Game Boys were 160×144, right? And there were tons of awesome games for that console!

    5. digital_sorceress says:

      I was thinking last night that the rules here talk about resolution of the game, not specifically those of the screen.

      So I guess we are free to use a 18×64 game map?. That interpretation makes the most sense when we think about the 8x8x8 and 4096×4096 options.

    6. Drabiter says:

      That 8x8x8… is tempting me… ugh.

    7. Pedro de Quadros says:

      Can I do 1280×128?

    8. 7Soul says:

      When it says 8x8x8, it doesn’t means pixels, right? Could it be tiles?

    9. Mulack123 says:

      Well good luck every one enjoy this miniLD

    10. CNIAngel says:

      Looks like I won’t be doing minild with you all this weekend :/ my yardwork is backed up bad. I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with though :) good luck

    11. mikelovesrobots3 says:

      I discovered that a 1024×128 first-person-shooter makes me nauseous and strains the eyes. So much for that idea.

    12. ninja run says:

      ninja run…

      [...]Ludum Dare » Blog Archive » MiniLD #34 – Aspect[...]…

    13. MadGnomeGamer says:

      My entry is coming well! Just taking a short break to see what’s going on. I’ve got the engine in place apart from a few minor monster additions; now it’s HUD and polish time! :)

      I’m doing a 128×1024 game about guns.
      Imagine if Diablo had guns instead of (trinkets, bashy things and armour), and was a shooter in an 128×1024 rez. That;s kinda what my game is like. Keep your eye out for it! I’m calling it Guns Rule.

    14. MurrayL says:

      Massively over-scoped the project, so we won’t be finishing in time I’m afraid! :(

    15. howieV (binarygirl) says:

      here is mine :) again probably spent too long on the music but heyho



    16. itsjfletch says:

      First time joining in on one of these. It was a fun experience and it’s great to see the things that can be done in a short time.
      Definitely going to try to participate in future events also.

    17. Puzzlem00n says:

      Well, I suppose maybe I should have started this by now… Anyone know if Sophie is letting us make our entry a few days late like some of the past minis?

    18. digital_sorceress says:

      Completed my entry, Cathode Ray Symphony


    19. zubblewu says:

      Hey I just joined ludum dare! I was wondering if 8*8 would count. I don’t think many people have 8*8*8 led cubes :/ I have mine about halfway done, but i can finish it in an hour.

    20. MadGnomeGamer says:

      I finished it!


      Can you beat my highscore? ;)

    21. Cosmologicon says:

      All righty, mine’s up here! It’s a 4096×4096 HTML5 canvas game. Did anyone else go with this resolution?


    22. KevinWorkman says:

      Hooray! I chose to use a 500 x 500 circle, which made a pretty perfect radar screen.


    23. Keevor says:

      unfortunately homework is more of a priority.
      space-shoot, arrows-move
      have a demo: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/27031094/HTML5/Jams/minild34/index.html

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    26. Unfortunately, I rather dozed off on Sunday afternoon, so the game is less than finished. But I’ve put a half-way-through, work-in-progress blog post up, here: http://anachrocomputer.posterous.com/

    27. [...] the weekend, another Mini Ludum Dare was organized and held by the marvellous Sophie Houlden. Interestingly, the only rule of the 48 [...]

    28. marudziik says:

      I finished. Kinda. Well, at least the general idea was implemented. 64x18px! See my entry here:

    29. [...] Zombie Pixel Extravaganza, the first game I’ve ever finished! I made it for a Mini Ludum Dare, where the theme was “Aspect”1. I started it at 9pm last night, and officially finished it 29 hours later, which I’m quite [...]

    30. [...] Poco dopo le premiazioni del Ludum Dare 23 si è tenuto il MiniLD 34, organizzato da Sophie Houlden. Il tema era la parola aspect, intesa come aspect ratio: in pratica, bisognava programmare dei [...]

    31. Mini Games at FreeFlashGames.SE…

      [...]Ludum Dare » Blog Archive » MiniLD #34 – Aspect[...]…

    32. kddekadenz says:

      111th comment :D

      Would be nice, if some of you spend your time in reviewing my entry, there are currently only 2 comments.


    33. Well, I just submitted the game, in source code form: http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/minild-34/?action=preview&uid=13730

      I was a fun little program to write, and I’ve had a few surprises about how fast the 8-bit, 16MHz Arduino can do ‘sin’ and ‘cos’ (shock, horror, floating-point trig functions on a microcontoller). Will probably do more in future with the 68×96 pixel phone display now that I have some basic frame-buffer and graphics functions to build on.

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