I see a lot of faces from LD#22 have shown up again for LD#23. That’s awesome! So for those of you who entered a game in a previous LD, I have a question for you:

“How did you do this time compared to last time?”

Do you think you did a better job this time? Worse? How has your current game been received compared to the last one? What do you think accounts for the difference?

EDIT: Feel free to post links to both your LD23 entry *AND* your most recent previous LD entry in your comment.

18 Responses to “Simple question: How did you do *this time*?”

  1. caranha says:

    Nice topic. I wrote it in my post mortem already, but I definitively felt I did much worse than last time. I tried to add collisions to my game without being really prepared for it, lost a lot of time trying to figure out this problem, and came up with a half-assed solution that didn’t leave me much time to do very needed playtesting.

    • dr_soda says:

      Having played both games, I think scope management was one of the biggest hurdles you faced this time around. The concept of your current game was bigger and better, but it was so big as to negatively impact the time in which you had to achieve your goal (or indeed properly playtest).

      • caranha says:

        Absolutely, I didn’t realize the ramifications of having different-sized interacting entities in the world. Of course, it is a bit demoralizing when there are so many old games that manage to solve this exact problem – you realize there is probably an efficient solution for it, and you just can’t find it.

        In hindsight, I should have stuck with my first idea — a princess-maker like task management game. I was a bit afraid that it wouldn’t be well received (boring), but the scope would be smaller, and I would have more time to try to balance it out.

    • AlwaysGeeky says:

      Collision detection is always a tricky fish to handle. I would suggest you already have an idea how you are going to implement this next time, before you start the LD.. I have been known to lose whole weeks previously to collision detection and response problems. :)

      • caranha says:

        Heh, about preparing in advance the game, I see what you mean, but I feel it is kinda cheating :-) – I really want to do it from 0 in the 48 hours I’m alloted. However, In a similar vein, what I really should do instead is to implement a lot of small games to get the hang of “game programming” a bit more.

  2. Pierrec says:

    I think I did worse too.
    The game I’ve made for LD22 has been pretty well received (12th overall, that was incredible!) So I got a lot a pressure this time. People seem to like my LD23 game but I’m not happy with it because I think I have been too much cautious because this time, I was really scared to fail.
    Next time I won’t. :)

    • dr_soda says:

      I really enjoyed your entry this time around. I somehow missed your last one, I think. I’ll have to play it later tonight to comment.

  3. digital_sorceress says:

    Graphics-wise, I would say my latest game is better than my LD22 entry, but is less interesting to play. So overall I think I have done slightly worse this time. I came 30-something overall last time. If I place in the top-100 this time I will be surprised (considering 50% more people took part this time).

    But on the other hand, I don’t have much interest in playing RPG games, despite the the fact that I find it a nice genre of game to make. For example, I know Diablo is very popular, even though I didn’t enjoy it at all when I tried it. I recognize that my has some similar mechanics, so I may not be the best judge of it!

    • dr_soda says:

      I think it’s a really tough call with yours. You’re right that the new game has more impressive graphics, and possibly has more gameplay mechanics and fiddly widgets. On the other hand, this new entry is more straightforward. It’s hard to overstate how much a difference it makes to a game when it’s easy to just drop in and start playing, which I think this new one does a better job of.

  4. Madball says:

    I think I did a lot better, but I barely did it. I set the plank too high, but I could make what I was going to, so I liked the result. My LD22 entry was in 30% worst entries (by overall), but my LD23 entry seems to be liked by people. I am not sure if I can do as better for LD24, but I’ll be more experienced that time.

    • dr_soda says:

      That’s a good point, since the ratings have not yet concluded we can’t know precisely where we ranked in LD23. Perhaps I’ll revisit this question after the rating period has ended and we all know where the chips fell.

      That said, congratulations on a successful LD23!

      • caranha says:

        Well, with 1400 games and people on average rating way less than 100, I don’t think that ratings can be a very accurate figure of how well you did, except maybe in the top rated game, that end up getting rated by everyone.

        I like this sort of discussion much more.

  5. Codexus says:

    Well, I have been doing LD for 10 years and I think I’m making much better games now than I did 10 years ago 😉

    However my results are going down with each LD. Part of it is that there are so many people participating now. Also since the games I admire the most are not getting the best results either, I’m probably not even aiming in a direction that’s popular with the voters. This time my weird choice of game is probably not going to help.

    This LD was different from the previous ones since my game required much more work on programming than graphics or anything else. Since I started using Unity I had very little programming to do for most of my games: pretty much everything is already done for me in Unity. That was good since I could concentrate on improving my graphics which is an area I’m not very good at. So this time it was the other way around and I didn’t have much time to add “skin” to the game.

    So yeah I was in a weird mood, almost couldn’t find the motivation to make a game and found a way around that by making a game based on what I wanted to do instead of the LD (that is play some shogi ;)). I hope to go back to a more conventional type of game next time.

  6. Shigor says:

    Hard to say, since last time I voluntarily moved to jam to finish the game with help of another day. Also both games are completely different, previous was RPG dungeon (which required a lot more coding and some special art work on animations), while this time i’ve done an adventure with primitive code requirements, but spent most of the time working on art (well… if I can call my specific “style” art anyway) :)

    I guess it’s more or less same, in both LD 22 and LD 23 I’ve mostly done what I wanted and I’m happy with the result.

    Both games are definitely much better then the game I’ve made for LD21 (which I took more as coding challenge, how much can I do when I start coding from scratch) and most other jam / mini LD I’ve attended.

    • Milo says:

      I think I did better than I did last time. I think it mostly comes from the concept – my ability to make assets and ability to leave time for that hasn’t really changed a whole lot since last time. Last time, I had a concept which was kind of weird, and seemed to throw a lot of its players off guard (in a bad way). This time, my concept was very simple and intuitive and was a lot faster paced than before. I think it’s more fun, since the link between a player’s action and their outcome was clearer.

      In terms of process though, the games were basically the same, except that I used Java this time instead of C++. I finished a prototype of each game (with basically only code – I always write all code before any assets) within the first 24 hours each time, and had plenty of time to make assets that looked appropriate together.

      I can’t say there’s a huge improvement between my last two games, but I’ve improved massively since my first Ludum Dare (#20, a year ago).

      LD 23 game: http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-23/?action=preview&uid=2934
      LD 22 game: http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-22/?action=preview&uid=2934

  7. johnfn says:

    I’m happier with the game I made this time than any of my previous games, but I think it’ll do worse because it was scoped a bit too large and had a few bugs and glitches. Ah well. Such is life.

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