Long Lost Love!

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May 8th, 2012 9:42 am

Last week I got a bit busy, and had to cut back on the game reviews, but now I’m back, with a vengeance!

Baby Farm — Have you ever asked yourself how is babby formed? You NEED to play this game, or your LD23 experience won’t be complete. Being drunk is highly recommended.

Dangerons Baby World — Another baby game. This time a runner. The controls are really awkward and the game is hard to play, but it is worth a mention because it really nails the feel of the theme.

Save the World — If you are rating any games AT ALL, you have probably seen by now dozens of variations on “ship defending a small planet in the middle of the screen” game. Well, this one manages to turn the idea on its head: every time you shoot, your planet moves in the opposite direction! Worth a try.

Away from home — A platformer/puzzle/building game, with multiple, quite distinct game modes. The graphics are quite simple, but the game has a depth that attracted me a lot.

Mineral Cities — A very minimalistic strategy game, you have to construct different buildings in the right places and balances to maximize your point output. But the way the rules work in this game makes it for a very interesting challenge, if you try for the high score.

The Earth is Dying — The game is still rather incomplete, but the idea is quite unique and worth a mention. The earth is dying, and the goal of the game is to colonize nearby planets and send as many people to these planets as possible, before our planet dies.

Colours in the Void — Frustratingly difficult, but very innovative shooter: you shoot by making connections between you and obstacles in the scenario. The graphics and gameplay are well tied together, and the game feels quite polished.

And with 102 games, I bow out of the review race for this LD :-) This
Sunday I will make a last stretch, by picking games from other people’s review lists. If you want to plug your game in the comments, go right ahead too!


5 Responses to “Long Lost Love!”

  1. Derek says:

    Yaay, thanks for the review.

  2. tcstyle says:

    Thanks for compiling those lists. In case you haven’t tried, here is my game:

  3. Canard Sauvage says:

    Thanks for the list, I hadn’t played any of the games :)

  4. Datamosh says:

    Great list! It would be awesome if you can try our game too, it’s kind of a platform/RTS space/thriller mysterious… thing:

  5. Attrition says:

    Thanks for giving my game a mention :)

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