And…… Done! I got through 10% of the total games and I’m mighty impressed. I have been mostly just searching for web games and am pleased that there are soo many games that don’t require anything to download. Anyway, here are my favorites (as in they received a 4 or 5 in the overall category).

Atomsmash – By Dan C. It’s a C64 game, like for reals. If you bother to you could actually play it on a  Commodore 64, and it would be awesome. If you don’t want to go through that, there is an emulator you can get to experience the awesome for yourself.

Aether – by Danik. It’s a planet defense game, with a bit of a twist. What happens to the planet on a large scale is experienced on the small scale. I love the concept, and the visuals for both large and small are stunning. Really a great game.

Deconstructorium – by GreyShock. Go into objects and steal their molecules, then use these molecules to destroy the world! Essentially a collection of minigames with a linking story of mad scientist. Really fun and very funny.

This Precious Land – by Ishisoft. A nice puzzle game where you create resources to try to grow a new land. Very relaxing and yet still engaging.

The Good Ship Higgs Boson – by Jezzamon. Its a platformer. No, hear me out, it’s a gravity manipulating platformer. Give it a chance, it is actually very polished and provides some good puzzles.

ANT SURF HERO: THE SURFENING – by Jigxor. This has been on everybody’s top N games list and if you haven’t played it by now, for shame. Anyway, very good, very pretty, very funny, play the game already!

My Little Planetoid – by matthias_zarzecki. You build up a planet and evolve to the point where you can travel through space. Very nicely done and relaxing to play. I would also like to thank Mathias Zarzecki for playing everyone’s game. Seriously, look at his coolness, he is really trying to play all of them and I salute you for your efforts.

Atom Planet – by NMcCoy. A little puzzle game that is a mix of minecraft and alchemy, with a cute little character and relaxing music.

Tiny World – by piterlouis. A planetary defense game with a bit of a twist. Defend your planet with your own orbiting moon. Very fun. Should have picked a better title, however.

Michael is Myopic – by Several. Another puzzle game where you eat to grow, and have to avoid growing too large too fast. Has a nice zoom out feature that just looks awesome.

Tiny World Cardgame – by SusanTheCat. A fantastic card game that I wish was real. I would play everybody in it. In fact, I’m going to print off the cards as soon as I’m done with this post.

Fracuum – by TylerGlaiel. A maze game where you zoom in to advance in the maze. Reach the center to win, but there will be enemies trying to impede your progress.


And there you go, my list of games you should play. It has been a long hard ride through some 140 odd games, but these gems made it all worth while. And, if you are feeling generous, also play my game, Path O’ Invasion. Not as good as those games, but it has squishy movement, and really that’s what Ludum Dare is all about.

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4 Responses to “I’ve played 10%, here are my top n games!”

  1. SusanTheCat says:

    Thank you for reviewing so many games!

    And also thank you for the nice things your said about my game. I would love to make actual cards for it.


  2. Keirua says:

    10% is quite a feat !
    Thanks for the list, some of your favorites are also in my list, I’ll have a look at the others !

  3. Jezzamon says:

    Wow! Thanks for rating my game so well. 😀

    I never would’ve thought I would make it to a favourite game list!

  4. Jigxor says:

    Awesome list! And thank you for mentioning my game :)

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