Mothly’s World: Post-mortem

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May 6th, 2012 2:04 pm


This is our second Ludum Dare and we used knowledge learnt on the previous edition to create a new cool game :).

This time we had time to develop a full game from an idea of an intensive brainstorming to a game with nice graphics and sound. Let’s go deeper from the game idea to the final result.

As soon as theme was published we were in love with it. We started thinking about a few ideas involving ants, protons and weird environments like keyboard’s interior. After reading all the ideas we decided to create a shooter in a tiny world but the original idea was about neutrons and protons stuff.
We slept some hours and the idea changes radically to a shooter in a human’s mouth controlling a drop of fluorine.

After defining the game mechanics and without a name we began scheduling tasks for both code and art.


What went wrong

We had a lot of changes in the code, so we destroyed some features that we wanted to set in the game like Save Games.

There was too problems with the time, we are newbies, and because that we didn’t add all the features that we want like more levels.

The major problem is about our inexperience, we didn’t balance the game, the easy mode is harder than expected, so… don’t talk about the Hard mode.

Post release was wrong too, Java is portable in theory, we still have problems with the releasing. We tried to put all the dlls of Slick library in a fat jar, but we don’t know why there are problems with Windows 64bit version (for example). We tried to run the game with virtual machines and we could run it, so we don’t understand why there are some people having problems with that and we don’t know how to solve it.

What went right

Previous ludum dare we failed developing a whole engine for our game with a limited time. This time we have used a Java engine called Slick. Using Slick for a fast prototyping was a very good idea :).

Using Java instead of C++ was right too. C++ is a powerful language and probably the best for developing games. By the way, in 72h we need fast development and C++ (and our experience) didn’t fit well.

This time we had two honorific team members: an artist (@_Dreisa_) and a game designer (@hmudarra_). The graphics created mixed with the developers work created a nice looking complete game.



The experience won with this Ludum Dare is vast. We want to say to any beginner videogame programmer that is a really nice idea participate in the Jam. And we want to thank all the people who follow us in twitter and encourage us to do something.


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