I’ve decided that for the rest of the rating period that I’m going to wander through two sections of the site to find games to rate:

1. Least Ratings
2. The full gallery of 1400 games, paging through them all

Doing so I found a these things to be true :

1. There are occasionally some really interesting games sitting in the Least Rated pile that are there only because the creator came, built, posted, and abandoned the site.
2. There are some really interesting games sitting in the middle that had just enough Coolness at one point to get attention but that have not been promoted much since

So in honor of the mushy middle, where great ideas get lost in the shuffle, here are a few that you probably won’t ever hear about from anyone else :


Obsolecense — By quickfingers

The gameplay is very simple. The graphics are hauntingly beautiful. The music is poigniant. Humankind has pillaged all the resource-rich planets in the universe until nothing is left but the small, “worthless” planets that had been overlooked for millenia. Unfortunately, they’re all that’s left now. Colonize these tiny worlds and watch as humanity tears their resources asunder to build up industry and housing, but don’t dally as you have only a short amount of time to find the next planet that might sustain you for a few more centuries.


Game With a Fantastic Title — batzerk

On a lighter note, this game was sitting on the “Least Rated” page with only 4 votes when I found it. Again, very simple gameplay, but it’s a real gem in the rough. Hit the platforms to compose a tune and watch the happy particles and listen to the happy tunes. It’ll brighten your day.


HMS Imahara — SLiV

This is the first game I’ve found where there is no audio and yet I still gave the Audio 4 stars. Why? Because the complete and utter silence adds to the tension presented in this minimalist boardgame simulation. The “tiny world” theme was well represented here by making the entirety of the “known” world be just your tiny space ship. The graphics are basic but the story is so well laid out that they let your imagination really take over. Can you get all six crew members to the escape pods? Keep your crew alive amidst the rapidly depleting oxygen supply and the hungry aliens.


stack::tracer() — nihilocrat

A very short, but very inventive puzzle game with a code-based idiom of pushing and popping stack frames with “functions”. There’s so much potential here. Keep an eye on this space and encourage nihilocrat to keep going post-compo!


Catamari Meowacy– SethR

From the first comment : “LOL. This might be the Citizen Kane of gaming that we’ve all been waiting for.”

This game is remarkable for having sticky controls, badly drawn graphics, fuzzy voiceovers, an overall feeling of being a bad acid trip, and the single greatest villain I’ve seen in 151 games in this Ludum Dare.

Zorlax is watching you shower.

Zorlax needs to be a recurring character.

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  1. caranha says:

    Awesome! I feel like trying you the second and last of those tonight :-)

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