15 awesome games with less than 50 ratings

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May 6th, 2012 9:22 am

Ok…so I’ve rated 133 games so far, and I reviewed a dozen of them on my blog. Time for a break.

I’m very grateful to all the people who recommended some games on the Ludum Dare frontpage and allowed me to discover some jewels, so I’m gonna do the same.

Of course, a lot of my favourites already got 100+ ratings and it would be stupid to recommend them one more time, so I’ve decided to present 15 games with less than 50 ratings and which deserve to be played. (The order is not important)



Dr. Biology’s Educational Game

Because biology is fun !


Five by Five

A very clever puzzle game


These are your friends

I fell in love with an island !



A very deep civilization simulation



A grow-like with awesome graphics


Tiny Toy

The weirder it is, the more I like it !


There is a picture

An suprisingly awesome adventure made on RPGMaker


Dwindling Worlds

My brain and my eyes still hurt…

Real War

Not for kids !


Circus Flea

This one made me ROFL


Tiny World Cardgame

A well balanced card game…moreover : it’s cute


Tinyville confidential

What would happen if Facebook games were actually good.



Looks like a video game version of The Expendables


It’s a tab

A 16×16 pixels game…playable in a favicon.



Meat+Panzers = Fun (too bad I can’t see any link with the theme)


On a previous post, Madball explained how he rated the games, and that was very interesting, especially because I myself rated games quite differently. So maybe some people will be interested by my own rating grid :

Here are the categories, by order of importance according to me :


1 : This game is a total ripoff, I blame you for that (never used)

2 : This game is nothing more than a platformer/shooter ^^

3 : Ok…you got some good ideas.
4 : That is clever !

5 : MIND BLOWN ! (when I give 5 in innovation, I automatically give 5 overall)



1:No link with the theme
2: Easy use of the theme (only introduced in a single sentence, or in the title for exemple)

3: Fits the theme, but meh…not very cleverly

4: A rather original approach of the theme

5:A unique approach of the theme



1 : /

2 : I see what you’ve tried to do, but you obviously failed

3 : Meh.

4 : You made me smile/cry/rage…etc

5 : I was so in your game that I forgot I was playing a game



1 : /

2 : That was soooo boring

3 : I don’t regret the few minutes I spent on this game

4 : I enjoyed playing this game

5 : I’m still playing this game.



1 : /

2 : /

3 : Ok, you got me, I smiled

4 : My eyes laughed

5 : My body laughed



1 : /

2 : Graphics annoyed me

3 : I didn’t notice the graphics, that means they’re good enough.

4 : You put a lot of efforts into your graphics

5 : Graphics fits perfectly with the game, even if it’s only three pixels on a screen



1 : / (no audio, I don’t rate)

2 : There is some audio, but honestly, it would be better without it

3 : There is audio, and it is not annoying.

4 : Great audio or/and great music

5 : Audio is part of the gameplay



Most of the time, Overall is the better value between Innovation and Theme, but is could be lowered if something really suck. I would never give 5 overall to someone with 1 or 2 in Theme or Innovation. On the opposite, if you’re a cool guy, overall could be raised by 1, that’s not voluntary, but I know it counts.


Well that’s all folks.

By the way, Have you played my game-with-an-accidental-spelling-mistake-in-the-title ?

8 Responses to “15 awesome games with less than 50 ratings”

  1. nuprahtor says:

    Oh noes, my game has less then 50 ratings :c
    Thanks a lot for mention!
    By the way, how did you know about amount of ratings?

  2. Pierrec says:

    Well…under the 20 default pick is the list of the games I’ve already rated and aside the author is the number of ratings (Well…I suppose it is)
    You got 46…close to 50, that’s already great

  3. dr_soda says:

    After 50 is where it becomes very difficult to get any notoriety.

    D seems to equal something along the lines of 50 – Coolness + Times you’ve been rated (sort of) UNTIL you have been rated 50 times.

    Once you’ve been rated 50 times, D simply equals number of ratings you’ve received. Since it’s nearly impossible to show up on the front page with a score of 54 or higher, once you hit that number the ONLY way to get further ratings is to either promote your game aggressively or to have it go viral among the community.

  4. nuprahtor says:

    Ok, now I see. Thanks guys!

  5. caranha says:

    Awesome, Pierrec! You should tag this post with “review” or something :-)

  6. SusanTheCat says:

    Thanks for the nice things you said about my game. :)

    I also like reading your criteria for games.

    Thank you for rating so many games.


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