I planned to participate in this Ludum Dare together with some friends. We also planned to spend more time than allowed and also we kind of already settled on the concept beforehand and probably broke all the rules. However the theme fitted the project that we wanted to make and we’re extremely happy with the result. Sadly none of you can try it out (unless you live in Denmark) as we built a physical installation.

Link to video: https://vimeo.com/41557764

7 Responses to “Tiny Worlds: Farmors Baghave (a quite delayed project)”

  1. digital_sorceress says:

    That’s an interesting project :)

    May I ask,
    How did you create the sensors to detect the different brick colours?
    And how was this sensor data then fed into the computer?

  2. timgarbos says:

    I’ll do a post about how it works. No secrets, just a few simple tricks.

  3. AlwaysGeeky says:

    This is totally sweet! I love the concept :)

  4. Madball says:

    The thing I liked the most is how the green block turns into different plants depending on where it is placed. Great job! You should have been submitted it for rating.

    • digital_sorceress says:

      The blue block also appears to produce a cloud if it is not directly above an orange block.

      I’m not sure we saw blue placed above green. So I’m not sure what that would correspond to.

  5. Keirua says:

    I really love this kind of idea. I can’t wait for the post about the tech’ details.
    Even the wood blocks look beautiful !

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