Tiny War Of The Worlds the Post Mortem

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May 5th, 2012 4:36 am

Finally I’m writing this post mortem :-)

Here I’ll show you some of the main steps from my game creation. (In other words, I removed all the boring debugging which took me 90% of the time :-))

1. Getting the idea

This part took me some time but I managed to do it (of course).

2. Making the basic world & “tank”

I programmed the basic world and tank, than added some graphics.

3. Pew pew

I added shooting bullets!

4. The space

I made the space (feels like god :-)) and added it to the game.

5. Adding some enemies

I created the enemy for making your life harder.

6. Kaboom!

“It’s the end of the world!”

7. Adding “brain”and health bars

I added something to the enemie’s head.

8. Money!

I added the “Galactic Points” to the game so you’ll be able to buy upgrades.

9. Adding the upgrades!

I added the most fun part of the game, the upgrades!

== The Game Is done ==

I had some great times making this game :-)

My “graphics skills” really improved from the last time and I’m very happy from it. One big thing that I learnt from this Ludum Dare was that you really have to make sure that your weekend is clear. I had a lot of things in this weekend and in a result I almost ran out of time and had a lot of pressure. But I still managed to finish my game as I wanted.

You can play & rate my game here!


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  1. astronaut113 says:

    I have a question – how did you import the graphics and such into FlashDevelop? I can’t find a tutorial anywhere for how that’s done.

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