Do you end up playing more than developing?

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May 5th, 2012 10:57 am

This always ends up happening to me the further into development I get and the more gamey that my creations become. I usually find that I end up just playing around with what I have made and experimenting with stuff in-game much more than writing more code. 😛 lol

Does anyone else notice this with themselves or have a similar problem when making games or writing code?


Also, I find that the more sandboxey or open world or experimental the thing I am creating is, the more I tend to play around with it. The second I implement any kind of 3D physics into whatever I am creating I turn into a 12 year old boy and just spend hours and hours messing around with what I have created and being fascinated with what you can do with physics…

I made a 3D physics engine for my final dissertation during my masters course and I swear I could have coded about double what I finally ended up with, if I hadn’t spent so *many*, *many* long hours into the early morning just playing around with different physics properties and making fun stuff happen in my engine…

I guess that’s one of the problems with coding stuff/games that you truly want to, you end up making the thing you want to play so much, that you just end up playing it half the time! 😀

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2 Responses to “Do you end up playing more than developing?”

  1. steamx says:

    It would be nice you’d put at least some annotations to your video about how stuff works and so on. Could be valuable stuff 😀

  2. namuol says:

    The moment where I cross that line, and I realize it, is a great feeling.

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