My favourite games #1

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May 4th, 2012 12:22 pm

Hi guys, it’s been a while.

I didn’t have time to play as many game as I wanted at first, but I played enough to be dazzled a few times. I’ll show you my discoveries in a small serie of articles. There is no particular order.


A real gem. The concept is awesome. Not too easy, and for a maze game, not boring ! The graphics are simplistic but they couldn’t be better. They are similar to those of VVVVVV in some ways, maybe the colour palette… TylerGlaiel is working on an infinite version, I’m looking forward to play it.

Pretentious Game

Again the graphics are simplistic, but the story is told in a really clever way. It’s not a very original story, nor a long one, yet I was enraptured by the storytelling. Too bad it’s so short.

To all the programmers who read me : you could have made this game. The genius here really does not rely on the graphics or on algorithmic abilities.


Awesome. I finished it twice already, and I think I’m gonna do it again. A small vertical manic shooter, where your ship has the ability to teleport.

As I said in the comments, I can be the first to pay for a longer version. A bunch of things could be improved though, but for 3 days of work (that’s a jam game) the result is breath taking. Casual gamers beware, the game is a bit hard :)


… and don’t forget to give a try to my game ! Thanks !

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  1. I’d love to hear your opinion on mine as well! Please give it a go, I’ll return the favor!

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