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Posted by (twitter: @mikekasprzak)
May 3rd, 2012 8:19 am

Hey folks! Unity has been generous and offered us a 20% discount on Unity Pro to members of the community! A big thanks to them for that.

If you’re interested, I’ve opened up a form here:


Serious applicants only. Unity Pro is typically a $1500 product, so (Advice:) if you’re not making money from games, you should probably stick with the free version.

I’ll be passing the list on to Unity on Monday/Tuesday. If you need a few more days to decide, feel free to contact me (mike AT sykhronics DOT com), and I might still be able to slip you in.

13 Responses to “Unity Pro Discount”

  1. refreshcreations says:

    Wow, that’s awesome news! Will they apply the discount to upgrades also?

  2. I’m mainly interested in the upgrades too

  3. PoV says:

    I’ll look in to the upgrades. Let me get back to you.

  4. This is pretty awesome, thanks!

    Couple questions:
    1. what if we sign up now and then change our minds for some unforeseen reason?
    2. Should each member of our team sign up, assuming our plan is to buy a license for each?

    • PoV says:

      1. Worst case, yes you can back out if no money has been exchanged. Once you’ve bought it thought, you’ve bought it.

      If you’re on the fence, I would suggest taking the weekend and giving some serious thought to it. If you even need more time than that, you can contact me, but I would like to have everyone that wants it taken care of by the end of next week.

      2. Whomever is paying should do it. If you’re each buying a copy, then each of you sign up. If one of you is responsible for the funds, making it one person should make it simpler.

  5. refreshcreations says:

    Hmm, seeing that I have other purchases I’d need to make in order to make it worthwhile I’ll have to pass for the moment probably. Unless I get a whole bunch of faster paying website customers over the weekend!

    • PoV says:

      Yeah that’s alright. Definitely prioritize your money. $1500, even with 20% off is quite an investment. You should definitely be able to justify the cost. If game making in Unity isn’t your financial bread and butter, spend it elsewhere.

      • refreshcreations says:

        Indeed, the money shall probably be put on a new mac mini of some sort to compile for iOS again, my old mac mini refuses to since 5.1 came out :(

        Then..the game mongies shall eventually go towards unity full and world domination mwah hahahahaaa!

  6. spooks says:

    I wish this was 3-5 months in the future… maybe next LD…

  7. Codexus says:

    I already have Unity Pro and Unity iOS Pro but Android basic only (got it for free with the recent promotion). Would that apply to an upgrade for Android Basic to Pro version?

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