Palette F*ck

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May 2nd, 2012 7:24 pm

Hi Ludum Darites!

I’ve been really interested in Pixel Art lately and wanted to share a little tool I threw together real quick.  It’s used for generating better color palettes for spriting in Graphics Gale.

The history of it is from the massive amount of tutorials I’ve been reading.  Most of them called the linear approach to palette creating rubbish, which surprised me.  My entire life I had been taking one color and just jacking the brightness up and down a bunch for shadows and highlights.  Then I learned there’s kind of a formula to ALSO jack the hue towards blue or yellow for shadows and highlights.  This still kind of boggled me, I just couldn’t envision the colors I wanted.

So I made Palette F*ck (tentative name). That does all the math for you and lets you save the palette to import into graphics gale.

You use it by starting with a few base colors layered on top of one another with 3-5 black cells in between. Then you select a base color and press left to generate a shadow and right to generate a highlight. Then you can create the lattice of blending between colors by pressing up or down to make that color blend with the next color it finds.  I’ve made a test sprite with this and with the little talent I have, was still able to put together a decent looking character.

Anyway, posting because I’m probably going to use it next LD and wanted to share it with the world.  If you have any feedback hit me up in the comments or even better on Twitter. I’d love to see some art produced with it if it helps anyone out.

Click the link below to try it out.

Palette F*ck

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  1. Seminus says:

    AWSOME! :)
    I was looking for such a tool for a rather long time! This would have made my life much easier during the development of “My Little Dungeon” for this LD!
    You should post this in the pixeljoint comunity too. I think they will love it! 😉

    Some feedback/ideas:
    1. I’m a number guy: Could you add the posibility to set the values via numberfields?
    2. Adding a way to set colours via RBG would be cool as a alternetive way. Sometimes I feel like it 😉
    3. A load function for the palette would be cool, so you could extend existing palettes.

    Thanks for sharing this!!

  2. Chinchilla says:

    Brilliant! I’m definitely using this on my next LD!

  3. omaha says:

    I’m having trouble figuring out how to use this properly. Could you throw together a video that walks you through creating a palette?

  4. crazyheckman says:

    Sure I’ll do that some time this weekend, the ui is pretty hacked up and non intuitive.

    I just fixed a bunch of bugs with blending and added a new feature that lets you select a target shadow and highlight color for more flexibility.

  5. Absorbing says:

    Would it be possible to get a AIR version of this?

  6. crazyheckman says:

    Absolutely, I’ll be packaging an AIR app this weekend, I’ll post the download here. I also plan on throwing the source up on github, the code is really unorganized, but I want to at least make a handle somewhere so people can write other export versions for it.

  7. Absorbing says:

    That’s great, thanks. It’s an awesome tool by the way, good job!

  8. crazyheckman says:

    Here’s a quick tutorial I made after work, I’ll be updating the tool this weekend and making a more in depth tutorial. Also at the bottom is a download for the AIR app, currently it requires AIR version 3.1 I didn’t have time to look for older versions, I’ll try to build it for lower later.

  9. Neonlare says:

    This is truly awesome, but it could do with a HGV/RGB picker, so we can specifically pinpoint the colours we want to shift with this software. Other than that, awesome! 😀

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