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April 29th, 2012 4:46 pm

Hey, everybody, I’ve seen quite a few people reviewing games, and I figured, hey, why not? Here’s a list of the best games I’ve played:

Tiny Religion– A game where you’re in charge of a civilization that needs to find out how to please their picky god. The tasks he likes and doesn’t like is different each time. It’s pretty sweet.

Extensionism– Probably the moodiest game I’ve played. It’s got some glitches, but not as many as mine, that’s for sure. You have to move the lamp like things to expand your world and shrink those of others. It’s kind of evil sounding now that I’m writing it…

Disregard All Humans– Short, but fun. Who hasn’t wanted to possess control of an ever-growing, jumping lizard?

Nina Nueve– Very innovative. Involves mechanics where losing brings you back a level, which you sometimes need to do to go forward. Leave it to Jonathan Whiting, am I right?

T in Y World– Anyone seen this? Epic ASCII game where rules can be edited in the level design.

Petri– A game where you star some bacteria thingy… It needs some ratings, it’s actually quite interesting.

Tiny Civilization– One of the only simulation games that doesn’t bore me to death. Very immersive.

Aether– My favorite thusfar, very nice game that seamlessly intertwines a missile shooting game and a platformer. The graphics are nice, and it feels really balanced.

Well, that’s that. Back to playing!

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  1. Fireblend says:

    Hey, thanks for the mention! Glad you enjoyed my game (Disregard All Humans) 😀

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