Tiny Crash Landing – Postmortem

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April 28th, 2012 7:29 am

Here’s my brief Postmortem for my game Tiny Crash Landing.

Play the game Here:

In game screenshot of Tiny Crash Landing


This is my first game I’ve made for Ludum Dare! I had to be part of the 10th anniversary.

What went well:

Art – I spent around 5 hours the first day doing the main tiles and character art+animation. I used Photoshop for doing animation for the first time, it’s not that well suited to it, but I didn’t want to download and mess around with any new software. I’m quite pleased with the character and animation, especially since I did it in a few hours.

Music – I think I spent about an hour making the music and sounds. I’m glad I made the music before I began programming, otherwise I would not have had time for it at the end. I mostly randomised some notes and played around with SynPlant and added some filters and stuff until it sounded ok!

Sound Effects – I mostly used sound effects in place of proper presentation, since adding a sound effect is a lot easier than adding a proper intro/outro screens. The only difference between what happens when the player wins or dies is the sound effect!

Programming – I liked my decision to use Haxe/NME I haven’t been using it more than a couple few weeks but I think it’s very easy to pick up for ActionScript users. I got a lot of code written, but most of it wasn’t gameplay code.


What did not go well:

Programming – I completely ran out of time regarding the code! I probably spent around 3/4 of the time doing code, but didn’t really get enough done to make a complete game. I think the biggest problem was I was coding everything from scratch, so I spent most of my time writing a blitting renderer, collision code and a scrolling camera etc and not enough time on actual gameplay.

Missing Features – I had no time to add an options menu with a mute option, or reconfigure keys. I had planned on having enemies, that is why the guy can shoot, but has nothing to shoot at! I also planned on having procedurally generated maps that wrapped around, I also planned on having a minimap that revealed as you explored. Story was also a main part, but I will save that for the post Ludum Dare version.



I haven’t had a lot of feedback yet, but all of the feedback I’ve received so far has be very positive and constructive over all. I’m very pleased that people have complimented my art and audio!


What I would do differently next time:

Use a game framework, or make my own! I should have used a framework like Flixel or Flashpunk so I could focus on writing game code instead. My goal before next Ludum Dare, is to get familiar with Flixel/Flashpunk so I could use them in a 2 day jam.


Until next time:

I would like to work on a post Ludum Dare version of my game, with story, extra characters, proper procedurally generated maps, enemies etc.

Thanks for reading, now I’m off to play and rate other people’s games!

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