Some very polished Love!

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April 28th, 2012 10:53 am

5th day rating 10+alpha games per day, here are the highlights for today’s review session. Two games are very well fleshed out, and five of them, while lacking a bit in polish, make up for it with some very interesting ideas. If you don’t know what game to play next, check these suggestions:

Tiny World Cardgame — Card games are something we don’t often see in LD, which makes this game already worthy a look. It also features an awesome and very professional looking tutorial, and the ability to assemble your own deck. The rules for the card game itself are pretty simple, but allow for a lot of variation.

The Pioneer
— Easily my favorite game for the night. This is just a simple 2D platformer, but the levels are randomly generated from a seed entered at the start of the game. The difficulty progression seems very good, and the art is quite consistent through all the different assets of the game. A generally very well polished little pear.

Scavenger — A very simple and unpolished first time entry in the LD, but which contains the secrets to the ant nirvana. Can you unveil the path to this hilariously unintended bug? 😀

Tini World God — In this game you play with a star system simulator. Create a star, put some planets in orbit of it, and try to create life with them. Or just use your godly powers to blow up the planets into pieces! Needs a few tweaks here and there,
but quite a nice game.

Save your planet — Another “first time in ludum dare” game which performs well. A “defense” shooter, where you have to defend your planet from a variety of incoming enemies. The pacing and controls for the first few levels are quite fun, but the game does not ramp up the difficulty, so it gets a bit boring after 6 or 7 levels. Still, worth a try.

Atomic Galaxy Factory — An action puzzle game where you have to balance the construction of energy generators with the construction of walls to block such generators. Not only the game play and balance are rather nice, but the dressing of the game (you start at the quark level and goes up the universal ladder as you upgrade your pieces) is very enticing. You keep looking for finding out what the next upgrade level will be.

Tiny World Peace — This game is quite unpolished, but its premise is so unique that it is still worth a try. Three planets are at war, throwing bullets and missiles at one another – you control a moving shield, and you have to protect the THREE planets from each other, trying to keep the peace.

That is it for today! See you again soon, and feel free to plug your game in the comments :-)

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8 Responses to “Some very polished Love!”

  1. AlwaysGeeky says:

    I thought my game was quite polished…

    Well I spent a lot of time near the end of the compo polishing it…

  2. SpaceToaster says:

    Took some time to make some nice menus, loading, instructions, etc… check it!

  3. SusanTheCat says:

    Thank you for the nice comments! I will admit that my first though was “Someone else made a card game?”

    I worked on the tutorial because I knew from other LD games that knowing how to play the game increases the enjoyment.


  4. SFX says:

    Having someone say nice things about my game pleases me greatly. I just wished I erred on the side of difficulty (the game does get harder, just not soon enough).

  5. Please check out mine! I’m curious what you think.

  6. Moth says:

    Hey, I missed that you featured me in a journal like this! It’s very thoughtful of you :) I’m really glad that you enjoyed my game!

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