My Top 10 LD23 Games so far!

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April 28th, 2012 3:23 pm

Ok, I’ve rated 50 games so far (and left comments on each one of them because they all deserve it) so it’s time for me to share the awesomeness of the entries I’ve reviewed. I must say all of them were amazing games so it’s hard for me to pick only 10. I would actually like to pick 50 but oh well, I don’t want this to be easy for me either, picking 10 is a sort of a personal challenge.

There are a few games whose level of polish blown me away. I’ve placed them at the top 5 places of this list.  Besides that particular arrangement there’s no order in the list whatsoever.

Top 5

  • Inside my Radio Bit-trip-Who? Play this game and you’ll forget about those games.
  • Predicament Simple, short, but amazingly well done.
  • Asylum Awesome game, and the ending is so-  I mean.. it’s just so-  oh.. really,  play it.
  • Ant Surf Hero: The Surfening Lot of people seem to like this game. Let me tell you something: they do it with reason.
  • Tiny Civilization Old-school fun with old-school feel. Love it.
Moar amazing games
  • Tiny Garden of Hope L-O-V-E-L-Y. You MUST play this game. You MUST PLAY IT NOW.
  • Disregard All Humans Eating humans have never been more fun than this, truly.
  • TinY World  An interesting take on the theme. Creativity at its best. May be too hardcore for traditional audiences though.
  • Tiny Castles Sound fxs can get a little bit annoying but the game overall feels pretty awesome. Loved the game.
  • Cube World I suck at this game but I like it a lot.

Special Mention

I actually couldn’t pick only 10. This game just HAD to be on the list, so I’m cheating here and awarding this entry the honorific title of  “Special Mention“:

  • Prince of Leaves Only thing I have to say: “Let’s go on an adventure, Let’s go on an adventuure… do-do-do-do doo”


I’ll probably make another top 10 after 100 games (which is something I plan to reach at the end of next week)

We would love to receive more feedback on our entry as well, since we want to make a full-fledged game out of it so If you haven’t played our game yet and you have a few minutes to spare after playing all the awesome games posted above, check out our game!!



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