Chromatic Breeding – Postmortem

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April 28th, 2012 8:44 am

This is my first time in a LD competition and I am very happy with the outcome. My favorite characteristic of LD is that it gives you the opportunity to be innovative without  being worried with the outcome. Another thing that motivated me was the possibility to create games that can teach something. You don’t have to play a quiz game in order to learn, this can be done in a more focused and simplistic way.

Before the theme was announced I already knew that I wanted to work with colors, but I had no idea how. The theme was announced Friday night  when I was out of home. I slept with this idea and woke in Saturday morning with the first version of Chromatic Breeding in mind. The main objective of the game is to steer bacteria breeding in order to achieve the target color. To play this game two points are important:

  1. It is not possible to make a direct breeding, thus forcing the user to think what color he don’t want to breed
  2. The user should learn a little bit of the RGB scale, in order to choose which colors are necessary to achieve the target

Chromatic Breeding Gameplay

Some people seemed confused about this in the comments, so I will give an example. If the target color is a light pink I would start by popping the black, blue and green bacterias, leaving only the white and red one. The first offspring will be a pink bacteria. I uploaded an example on youtube:

Chromatic Breeding Gameplay Video

 What went right

  • Choosing the game scope: My objective was to have a finished game (within the possibilities) by the end of the time. I limited my game scope in order to be able to finish it despite some social appointments.
  • Coding the game in Java: This is not my favorite language but i chose to program in java in order to provide an Applet and make it easier for other people to play my game. When rating entries I always gave a full smile upon seeing a ‘Web’ link.

 What could be better

  • Focus on the gameplay: Given my time constraints I focused in programming. I should have thought more in the game mechanics and in the user interaction.
  • Procedural textures: I spent some time programming textures that could change colors. I used two images (one black and one white) that are mixed in order to generate the final texture. This is cool because you can change the color of the image while retaining some colored props. For example, the bacteria could have a red eye interdependently of its color. Although it is a really cool feature, I wasn’t able to use it in time and the overhead of creating two images was a turn-off.
  • Sound: The sound could be WAY better. Leaving it for the end wasn’t wise. The sound effects were a bit boring and I couldn’t find an application to create the background music on time.

Comments and critics are very welcome!

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