A Robot’s Journey – Post-Mortem

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April 28th, 2012 10:05 am
A Robot's Journey

The title screen to my LD Entry


This is my third time attempting Ludum Dare, first time submitting. Sadly I only created a platformer with no gameplay at all. I submitted it because I couldn’t pass up doing so during LD’s 10th year. Anyway, here’s my Post-Mortem.


Tools used:

Language: Java

IDE: Eclipse Indigo

Libraries: Slick2D, Marte Engine

Graphics: GIMP

Sound: Bfxr, Musagi


What went right:

I must say that making the libs I used for this LD is rather helpful for making 2D games so collision and logic weren’t a real problem. Neither was creating some graphics to use or sound effects. Bfxr is great for sound effects and I’ve been using GIMP for years. Last but not least, my IDE. Eclipse is a great tool for programming Java and it’s the only thing I use.


What went wrong:

What went wrong. Where do I start? The top problem for me was getting a runnable jar working at all. I have no clue as to why it never worked, but that’s certainly something to fix. Next, the game. Seeing as I took an entire day to learn the Marte Engine while coding through it I had lots of errors. I must say the constant recoding really bogged me down. I also never got my music playing correct in the game (It would play a single note in the title until you started the game).


Overall result:

Overall, I loved LD23. I always love Ludum Dare, even if I mess up bad. All these mess ups are just practice for me. And we all know that practice makes perfect. So I didn’t have a working LD entry. Ahwell right? In August I’ll just work harder and worker smarter. Ludum Dare isn’t a grind session where you bash the keys until something sticks. You gotta plan right, manage your time, know your tools, and have confidence in your skills. I’m happy I was apart of LD23 and I can’t wait till the next. Keep coding LudumDarians! 😀



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