Late night Love!

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April 27th, 2012 11:32 am

Weekend! Time to play a lot of games :-) Besides the normal 10, I also played some extra games from people that commented in my game or posts, and there are some very very neat games I want to talk about in this post!

BTW, I have been trying to rate always 5 high coolness games, and 5 low ratings games — but it is coming to a point that most of the games with 0 comments are incomplete games/tech models. Maybe I will drop the “lowest rates” games altogether from my next run…

Anyway, to the games:

Wild West World
— Today I played a bunch of games that interpreted “tiny world” as a circular playing area – this is a dizzy dizzy platform shooter where you are a sheriff that needs to clean town. Beware not to shoot civilians! The game can use a bit more polish, but it is quite a lot of fun.

The good ship Higgs Boson
— heh, if you don’t pay too close attention to the name, this is an awesome puzzle game. You control a default platforming hero, but you also control the gravity that he is into. So during the game you can make any of the four directions to be “down”. There is a lot of untapped potential in this idea.

Curse of Grimwood
— An action adventure game that is really really pretty. The bad path finding of your companions may make you mad from time to time (Damn, guys, try to get one at a time through that gap!), but the game is still quite fun.

Boxed — This game is quite unfinished, but it uses a mechanic that is unique enough to warrant mention — you play inside two boxes, and you can transfer from one box-area to the other. In each box area, the other box exists – and depending on what you do to the box, that box area is modified when you get there. Some amazing puzzles can come out of this.

1 Seed
— In this game you have to terraform the entire star system, by bringing seeds from lush planets to barren ones. Trees grow procedurally, gravitational physics are in place, and the game in general has a large, innovative score.

D.A.H. — Yay! Another “Kill everything and don’t think much about it” kind of game. You are a dinosaur in a planet, tasked to destroy cities and eat people. Each person you eat, you get bigger and bigger, until you are bigger than the planet itself. Very very fun.

Spaceship Planet Merge — another innovative game, your goal is to make your planet collide with other planets in the same star system. The game is still quite simple and easy, but this idea has a lot of promise in it. Also, the music is good and the sprites are cute.

Have a nice weekend everyone, I hope you like these games!

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3 Responses to “Late night Love!”

  1. Catman says:

    Agreed on DAH and the puzzle/platformer, those I already discovered! Thanks for the other games! 😀

    I wish more people did this kind of list so that it would be easier to find the hidden gems :)

  2. Hazard says:

    Thanks for your nice review of my game, even though my comment on yours was quite negative. You are truely a kind person. *cheers* Thanks also for your suggestions. An intro where they accidentally crash a planet for the first time sound like a great idea. I may be doing a post-compo version and might incorporate this. :)
    The good thing about Ludum Dare is for me that it is not so much about winning, but mostly about learning from it. If something goes wrong, it at least means that a valueable lesson was learned.

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