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    Tiny Civilization – Enhanced.

    Posted by
    April 26th, 2012 6:50 pm

    For those of you that were really big fans of Tiny Civilization I have made some updates and added some polish.  Most notably some colour, a tutorial and some hot-keys for speeding up and slowing down the simulation.   Read the tutorial for the new hot keys.    Also more skills have been added and displayed to add more depth to game-play.  Some other minor tweaks to gameplay and bug-fixes too.

    Tiny Civilization

    Strategy / simulation game.

    Click here to play.

    Tiny Civilization - Colour Edition

    Tiny Civilization - Colour Edition


    3 Responses to “Tiny Civilization – Enhanced.”

    1. Pierrec says:

      This game is great, play it!

    2. aus_mike says:

      Have you played Beasts and Bumpkins(1997)? This is like a tiny version of that. B&B is still my fav rts game, because it was funny, not just interesting.

      From the wiki page:
      “During the game villagers simulate a life to death experience; from birth they go to childhood to a working adult after which comes their retirement and then eventually death.”

    3. Suese says:

      Thanks guys. Honestly I SAW (never got to play) a few games KIND of like this when I was a kid on those old classic Macs, but I’ve never really played anything like it except maybe Sim City. People have mentioned B&B and Virtual Villager, but I’ve never played them. I will try them now though.

      The B&W thing was inspired by a design article about using line widths and cross-hatching.

      Thanks for the great comments guys! It’s a real confidence boost. I wasn’t very confident how well my game would do, but everyone seems to be really enjoying it. So thanks for that.

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