Returning the Love!

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April 26th, 2012 11:34 am

Thanks everyone who took the time to look at my game! Today, besides my 10 daily rates, I also decided to return the love and rate/comment the games of those who rated mine or commented on my posts. Here are the highlights – the games that I enjoyed most. Give them a try, and I hope you like them too!

$ales — This game show how to turn a boring entry into a nice entry with a single stroke: the audio. The narration is very funny! The game is a “trading simulator”, you go around a map, trying to buy low and sell high to achieve a monetary goal.

Nematode — A very unique game: a kind of reverse snake. There are worms walking around in the game map, and you drop colored foods in front of them. If you can make a snake the right color by giving it foods in the right order, you gain points. I really liked the idea. Although the game is a bit too hard at the moment, it is worth a try.

Zunzanda — an extremely polished, challengin, fun game. You have a small island that you have to defend against monsters that are trying to eat it. The graphics, sounds and narration are well put together and give the game a very memorable face. I can easily see this making top charts in this LD, given its degree of polish.

Burning Platform — a perfect android/mobile game. Simple, you start it up, and can get right into it. Addictive, with the “beat your previous score” factor. It is a balancing game, where the goal is to keep your “friends” in the platform by balancing it with your phone’s accelerometer. It is a bit too hard at the moment, I hope the post-compo version works a bit on the difficulty curve.

Mozi Life
— another unique game, this is a series of mini games that show the life cycle of a mosquito. Each of the minigames are quite simple, but they are tied together in a nice way. Would look great in an encyclopedia.

Audioland — more a toy than a game, it is world of sand meets music generator. Great and unique idea, I could see this being used to generate musics for future ludum dares :-)

See you tomorrow!

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3 Responses to “Returning the Love!”

  1. Sanguine says:

    Why thank you, good sir, for listing my game :)

  2. SonnyBone says:

    Thanks for the ZUNZANDA mention! You are easily one of the best reviewers…. probably THE best. You’re so thorough. You actually take the time to play games in-depth, and you post meaningful and insightful observations, critiques, and comments. You deserve another trophy!

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