200 Games Reviewed – Top 10 List!

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April 26th, 2012 11:09 am

As always…these are MY opinions, you may or may not agree, but I feel these games could use some attention as I feel that they “stand out” from the crowd.  As per usual…no particular order.

Asylum By Orni: A good take on the theme, fluid controls, art style isn’t my favorite but it works ok.  A little slow paced at first and somewhat short but it left the correct “feeling” behind when done.

It’s a tiny world By Endurion: A clever and fun “single screen” roguelike.  Though I think it stretches the theme a bit this title definitely deserves a mention simply because…it’s really fun! (and that’s what games are supposed to be at their core, when you strip all the excess from them)

Memento XII By deepnight: A little point & click adventure game, great style and atmosphere, though a little frustrating at times figuring out what you can or cannot click on.  Not a fan of the audio but well worth mentioning.

Bottlecolonies By tcstyle : A clever little strategy/puzzle  game, the art direction is great, the sound both fitting and awesome, and the gameplay itself is solid and complete…a joy to play

Nanofactory By JustinMullin: A solid puzzle game about a nanobot assembling widgets, a little hard and cryptic at first but the puzzles are both simple and clever

ANT SURF HERO: THE SURFENING By Jigxor:  A refreshing change from the massive number of dull uninspired platformers,  aside from a few physics issues it’s really fun,  and riding on top of the ant is amusing to say the least.

Housefly By dacap: You play as a fly on a mission: to get back outside!  It’s a short but very immersive adventure game with solid controls, great visuals and sound…its hard to describe but the flight control feels “right” for a fly. Very fun.

Recluse By chambers: You play as a snail with a neckbeard in a “metroidvania” type game….but with a twist.  Easy 5/5 for innovation personally, I don’t want to ruin it by the starting room is misleading and it quickly introduces one of the most unique gameplay mechanics i’ve ever seen. (even if it is mostly a gimmick…it fits the theme very well)

Hero of Rain By 31eee384: Extremely incomplete but what there is of it is very enjoyable, the story is both fitting and interesting, the gameplay is for the most part pretty good (though touchy at parts). All around a good feel to this game.

Fusion Time! By NeiloGD: A simple but solid arcade-type game where you fuse atoms in a sun.  Theres not much too it but the explosions and strategy of timing the fusing makes it surprisingly fun to play.



Honorable Mentions: Things under here are games that did very well in some areas but poorly in others, so they don’t really hit my “best of” list but they’re worth mentioning for other reasons.

Tiny Island Adventure By AdventureIslands: This game has EXCEPTIONAL artwork and is a fresh take on the theme.  Don’t get me wrong, I love this game, but unfortunately it has some pretty bad control issues and the levels were a bit uninteresting.  Kept it from being in my “top” overall  picks but still worth a look, and IMHO could very well take the gold for “graphics”

Gale Axile By free_napalm: This game has some very clever gameplay mechanics, and is EXTREMELY innovative. It was definitely a refreshing break from the zillion and first back-to-back “planet defender” game played.  While I like it and the mechanics are unique it unfortunately has a big problem for me…the outcome is so random and the gameplay is so tedious that it’s just not very fun as is…though with a little work post-compo it could be a VERY good game.

Green Invasion By Kableado: The art in this game is FANTASTIC to say the least, it really is great. Unfortunately…that’s all there is to it, as a game it’s incomplete, there’s absolutely no gameplay implemented, no real sound, no goal.

Predicament By orangepascal: Again, another game with very good artwork, if a little TOO pixelated making it sometimes hard to see.  It’s a somewhat innovative mini-advanture game.  Unfortunately though the controls can be a little frustrating and the lack of any sort of ambient sound took away from it somewhat.

Mayor vs Aliens By Sheep: Very innovative, very funny, easily one of the best takes on the theme I’ve seen. The gameplay is ok but not great, the controls are a little stiff, and it’s wayyy too easy, you can pretty much defend indefinitely since they always go straight up the middle after taking the dirt.

Mini-Worlds and Monocles By Zed: VERY good sound in this game, one of the best.  Aside from that not much to talk about…it’s not “bad” but it’s really just another in a long line of generic “pick up the coin, move to next level” platformers.  Not very innovative and the jump controls are pretty frustratingly bad.  Still worth mentioning for it’s audio and humor though.

The Good Ship Higgs Boson By Jezzamon: Easily one of the most fun entries in the entire compo. EXTREMELY fun gravity based platformer.  Honestly though, aside from the name, it doesnt really fit the theme at all, the graphics were nothing special, and the sound lacking.  It is VERY fun though and I suggest playing it, and I suggest to the author clean it up a bit and publish a full version of this game….I think it would do quite well!


Oh, and I suppose I should put this here too, as always, I would appreciate more reviews and feedback on my entry as well!


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  1. johnfn says:

    200 games is incredible! Nice :-)

  2. Jigxor says:

    Well done! That’s a huge number of games. Thank you for listing my game on your list as well :) I’m glad you had fun!

  3. free_napalm says:

    Thanks for mentioning my game :)

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