ROCKET BOAT – Post Mortem

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April 25th, 2012 4:12 pm

Satan might have had a hand in my game, but don't hold me to it.

So this is my second time participating, my first entry being the mediocre Splaser Strife. Since it was my second ludum dare, I wanted to make something with more thought put into it than the last, and that was a lot more original as a game concept. I think I succeeded, but there are still loads of places to improve on!

What went right:

  • Familiar with toolsets and frameworks used. Pxtone was the only unknown here, since I’ve only made a few things, but it came out alright!
  • Graphics, the style I chose for this actually turned out pretty well and was mostly┬áconsistent.
  • The physics. Though they are hard to control it really adds to the game’s comedic factor (and allows for some cool jumps!).
  • Particle effects, they look really nice. (but laggy)


What went wrong:

  • I slept in on both days. That was a bad move which cost the game a few levels and a controls revision (which was probably crucial)
  • Performance – all the crazy particle effects kill older PCs.
  • Ran out of time, Title screen, end screens, lack of gameplay polish and few planets reflect that.

Middle Ground:

  • The music is super tonal, it sounds nice but it might be too extreme/get really repetitive since it’s only like 45 seconds. I’ll probably practice a lot more with music composition before next time.
  • Unclear idea, all I actually knew was that I wanted a boat and a planet. The rest was spur of the moment decisions.
  • Needs more enemies.

The submarine boss was designed at the last minute.

But again, I had a ton of fun participating in Ludum Dare this time, and I’m definitely going to to it again the next. It’s great to remind yourself that making games doesn’t have take as long as you give yourself.

Designing the planets was a lot of fun, especially the crystal planet. Although they’re simple, I tried to include specific jumps and terrain styles to give each planet its own distinct looks. If I make an extended release for flash sites, it’ll definitely have more planets.

So to conclude, I’m really happy with how my game turned out! And you guys should be too, I’ve seen some great things while voting. So here’s a link to the final thing:

If you beat it, or even if you don’t, please submit your score to the leaderboards. I would love to see how everyone’s doing.


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