5% done : favorites!

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April 25th, 2012 10:22 am

so far I played & rated about 70 games … which are mere 5% of the entries. this is incredible!

here are my favorites so far (in no particular order):

Tiny Visitor

such a charming style and classic gameplay. also a very good example for controlled color use

Gods Inc.

wonderful style and concept


this one blew me away. it eludes me how people can make such a polished thing in mere days
the amount of playtesting to get this result must be incredible

eat, sleep, work

a great concept and metaphor for modern life


one of the most solid games I’ve played at this LD

Tiny Wizard

this is one of my most favorite ones. I love everything about it – give it a try

A Super Mario Summary

one of the few games that already hyped even outside of ludum dare

Dwindling Worlds

not necessarily a game but a very surreal experience. something everyone should try out

Drop of Life

everyone who is interested in AI, computer science and philosophy knows the game of life – this is for you

Buggy, Tank and Missile Launcher!!!

possibly one of the games with the biggest commercial potential – I want a fleshed out version on my phone (and multiplayer)


and last but not least , check out my game: Asylum
(but give it some minutes to pull you into it’s world – it’s very twisted)


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  1. Keirua says:

    Thanks for the list ! Had a lot of fun playing some of these games !

  2. Shadow says:

    Glad to find our entry here : ) I’ve not done my official list of favourite games, but yours is definitely one of them. truly.

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