3 Pretty Sweet Games

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April 25th, 2012 4:51 pm

After rating 21 games (most likely none of them yours), here’s a 3 games that I especially enjoyed playing:

Full Circuit – JMRante

This game has an interesting concept – your goal is to push wires around the innards of a planet to complete a circuit. This sounds easy, but the levels are cleverly designed so that a lot of forethought has to be put into each movement to succeed (in fact, the game punishes you quite severely for bad moves) and so that many moves have to take place in tight spaces. The graphics are distinctive and fairly stylized, but look very nice in the game and clearly illustrate each block’s function.

Subatomica – SFBTom

The visual appeal of this game is immediately obvious. Beyond the sleek graphics is a fun little game. The game takes place in the subatomic world, with various charged particles. You only have one control, which is to change your own charge, causing you to be attracted or repelled from the other particles in the level. The game is fairly short, but displays a good range of levels in that time and challenges the player to complete them quickly.

No Space – Jeremisa

You play as an astronaut stuck on a ship whose computer is refusing to return you to Earth. Most of the gameplay happens on various planets where you can gather resources using a clever system involving conveyors. There is some time pressure, since you can run out of oxygen, but the large constraint is how much energy you have – if you deplete it, you won’t be able to leave the planet and you’ll die. It takes a few failures to get used to the game, but it’s pretty fun afterwards. Additionally, the game effectively conveys the mood of being trapped and is, overall, polished.

(Also, for those of you not opposed to the good ol’ shameless self promotion at the end of a post, I made a game┬áinvolving rogue planets, an astronaut, and survival)


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