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April 24th, 2012 2:17 am

Well More went wrong than went right in terms of my game, but the amount of fun i had and things i learned trumps that.


1.Firstly i didn’t spend enough time thinking about a game to make(WORST MISTAKE EVER!), So it ended up as a collage of things ive always wanted to try.

2.I tried to implement to many things into my game at once and therefore they didn’t work properly or as well as they could.

3.LEARN MORE ABOUT ARRAYLISTS!!!! I used an arraylist to render and collide my enemies which sometimes(As I later found out) randomly throws an error crashing the whole program!

4. Monitor my time more closely(I probably should of tested more often and got other people to play my game)


1. I Got my game in a playable state(…?)

2.I made a tile map thing that i could easily change(Never tied it before)

3. I Quite liked the art that i went back and drew more carefully.


I had a heap of fun and will get to play some games(can’t wait)  And I hope other peoples postmortems are more positive than mine. Ill be back for the next LD48 thats for sure.

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  1. dx0ne says:

    “So it ended up as a collage of things ive always wanted to try.” – isn’t that definition of LD :)

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