ONLY US – Postmortem

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April 24th, 2012 1:15 pm

Play it!

What went right:

  • This is our first entry ever at a Ludum Dare. But not our first videogame. In fact, this right here, is our second release! So basically, we already had a tested method and “system”, which allowed us to make a lot “on the fly” edition and improv, thanks to Dropbox.
  • We knew that we weren’t going to make it to the LD COMPO, so from the very begining we focused on the JAM (besides, it’s in the rules, we are a TWO people indie studio)
  • Pixelart allows us to do a bunch of really good KEY things: Work small, work fast and reusability. As we love it so much and we already had experience with it, it was the natural choice since day one. The software used was Gale Graphics and Photoshop.
  • The music score is original soundtrack! The advantages of being a programmer and DJ! The sound effects were made with AS3SFXR
  • The concept of “Tiny World” can be pretty wide, so that truly inspired us to make kind of a multiple layer Science Fiction story. Even multiple endings! If we have to name a few inspirational stuff, it would be the movie Moon and a mix of Portal, Apollo 18 and a toaster.
  • Our idea of a “cause and effect” consequences it’s basic, but it’s there.
  • The mix of platform/exploring/strategy and control scheme seems fit for mobile devices!
  • Even when it’s lacking a few of things and has some bugs, it’s still pretty solid.

(Can’t embed the code for some reason, sorry)

What went wrong:

  • Our brains. Somewhere in the way, they just melted leaving a carcass of our former selfs.
  • Time. Even when we did managed it pretty well, a WHOLE BUNCH of ideas couldn’t be made: Crater doors, which would act like a dungeon zone with a more platform/action oriented gameplay. More enemies, puzzles, exploring the WHOLE moon, a story that actually develops further and makes more sense. Things you can emote and befriend with (probably enemies that won’t attack you and you can even pet!?) Somehow fix the ship and conquer the universe in a multiplayer massive online pixelarted mayhem?
  • Some balance and gameplay stuff (mid-jump you can’t go to the next area, which is a Megaman instinct that we must have in consideration! Visual combat mode aids/effects, time of object regeneration shown in different ways, enemy respawn once you “checkpointed” an area, etc. etc.)
  • Known bugs so far:

As far as we know, people who played in the latest version of Chrome, under Win 7, seemed to suffer from a real slow map/level transition. Still playable, but pretty annoying for sure.

Don’t click away of the screen while you are playing (moving your character), because it will keep going alone until you can regain control of it.


If you can aprecciate the “entity” counter I shall explain: With no apparent reason, our main character started cloning itself. I decided to shut the system at around +2000, since I was afraid it would make my computer burst into flames. And then explode. In my face. With tiny astronauts. This is FIXED, by the way!


Anyway, we hope you can take the time to play it and rate it! Sorry if our english it’s sloppy, our language is spanish 😛
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If you haven’t played yet, this are some of the…
* Exploring oriented gameplay with a mix of platform, turn based combat and strategy
* Web browser game! No need to install anything!
* Saves your progress locally!
* Multiple endings!
* Express a lot of feelings and interact with the “EMOTE” action!
* Science Fiction references!
* Awesome pixelart graphics!
* Original music score! Chilling ambient with a Space mood while you explore this mysterious Moon.


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