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Mad Michael of Metal of NRGSoft: Tiny Octo World postmortem:

My role is both PR and anything that needs to be done, but not programming. I have to take up programming now because one is never enough. This game clearly pointed that out.  Unlike last time with our heads up in the clouds, this game was structured and doable in the matter of time set.

What went right:
-I finished the basic sprite of the main character on day one, and day two I did idle animation.
-My main menu looked very professional, with cool little bomb buttons, compared to my first main menu screen.
-Sounds and music were done very early instead of last minute.
-Day three, due to the limited time, all the refining and adding new graphics made me improve as a spriter and gain a new style of art.

What went wrong:
-Funny ending picture, but ugly ending screen background that I never found the time to fix.
-Should have split my duties more on day 2, too much work and time was slipping away.

What went ugly:
-Game was never finished because of a huge bug that prevented the release when the game was so far in the development.



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