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Posted by (twitter: @drabiter)
April 24th, 2012 4:16 am

Okay I have joined LD twice with this but there’re something that I don’t understand. Please consider that these question will look super noob. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone about ranking table

  • I understand R and C stuff but what is D? I score 3 entries with my own scored by 4 people and it got D:45. How is it calculated and will this affect final score?
  • What is L? I can’t find example and still not understand.

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  1. thristhart says:

    It says under the entries:

    D = Default = R – C, except not quite that simple
    R = Ratings = how many ratings this entry has received.
    C = Coolness = how many entries this user has rated
    L = Loser = someone who games the coolness ranking. It’s the honor system, people. Everyone might think you are cool, but in your heart of hearts, you will know that you are a loser.

    D is basically a factor used to sort the games for rating.

    • Drabiter says:

      Yeah I already see it. By Loser you mean that someone who abuse rank system but voting 5 stars for everybody?

      And how can we look score people given on our entry? can’t find the link.

      • thristhart says:

        If by score you mean the actual ratings given, we won’t be able to see those until the judging ends (in about 19 days).

        If you mean how many people have rated your game, I don’t know. There was a link last LD, but I’ve forgotten what it was.

  2. digital_sorceress says:

    It is calculated like this:

    D = R + (100-C’)/4

    R is the number of ratings you have received.
    C’ is the number of games you have rated, capped at 100.

    So for the most part, for every four games you rate, you deserve one extra rating in return.

  3. Drabiter says:

    Thank you very much for your all explanation!

    Let’s hope our best for our entries 😀

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