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Exposed – What now?

Posted by (twitter: @OIIOIIOI)
April 24th, 2012 4:14 am

So, we finally managed to upload an almost complete version before the end of the countdown :)
You can look at it by clicking the image here:

Just like last time, we will keep the 72-hours version available and work on the “enhanced” version.

In the menu:
– some tweaks and fixes to the actual game mechanisms
– integration of every animation Carduus made (one for each object and more)
– a real ending where you know for sure that you’ve made it ;)
– integration of specific textual hints for each object
– a SURPRISE! ^^
– and probably some more stuff I’m not thinking of right now.

Don’t hesitate to play the current version! Let us know what you think and what could be made better aside from the list above.
Here is the entry page here to comment and vote.

More screenshots! :)

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