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April 24th, 2012 11:52 am

Hello everyone,

The process for making the 3D model and textures for Eat, sleep, work as nothing original, but it was really fun to do and i wanted to share it with you.
For this LD i had some constraint on top of the 48h limit. I totally forgot that ludum dare was this week end so i had to change my plan to be able to participate.
i decided that i wanted to hand-painted all the texture, mainly because i wanted to give a more childish style to the game and secondly because i wasn’t able to use my wacom tablet.

I ended with a 3 step process, with nothing original for the textures.

I – I start with some drawing for the texture or element i want with my 6 markers newly bought (2  shade of blue, 2 shade of green, 1 red/brownish, 1 yellow)

(some drawings)

II – I then take a picture of it with my phone, my scanner wasn’t working on my laptop so i had to do this dirty trick. this ended up to be quite fast, my phone connected to my computer, i was able to take a picture and then immediately open it on Photoshop. The downside is the yellowish color that indoor phone picture have. this ruins most of the color of my drawings so i had to work on the levels to remove the yellow background without losing too much of the color

(level edited image)

III – Finally i add a old paper layer to give texture and hide the simplicity of the drawing. adding the texture help to give an homogeneous look to the game.

(final texture for the bed)

When this work is done i go to 3ds max, make the model who fit my needs and texture it quickly in a really dirty way. the look of the texture help to hide the bad seams on the object with the addition of the lightmap.

I’m quite happy with the result and i’ll probably take some time to improve the speed  and quality for the next Ludum dare !

If you want to see the game :

Thanks for reading me.

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