Buggy, Tank and MISSILE LAUNCHER Post-Mortem

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April 24th, 2012 2:57 am

Buggy, Tank and missile launcher – How it started

Forgot a link: http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-23/?action=preview&uid=7283

This was my second LD entry, and it was Cavit’s first entry. I really enjoyed last LD Compo (and have since been active on IRC), and asked Cavit if he would like to join. We had a blast this weekend creating this game :).

The concept was created pretty easily. I woke up at about 7 am on Saturday, looked at the concept, went back to bed with a notepad. At about 8 am I had a number of concepts, and started concepting them on paper. Cavit joined in about an hour later. We discussed what idea’s we had, and this was the one we felt sounded the most fun and easiest to execute.

On saturday we first started by putting down the basic. A world, rotating cubes around it and clickable stuff. Cavit started on the building with the separate floors, and a simple Unity UI. I started with the planet, lanes and rotating units around the planet. After this basis was done Cavit continued with pure coding, while I started on models. I think it took about 3-4 hours to do all the models and animations. By about 7pm we had a working prototype with units rotating around the planet attacking each other and a building. Once we had the prototype the controls were not as intuitive yet. We stopped at about 2 or 3 am I think, we had a working version and were feeling good about it.

On sunday polishing started. I wrote a complete custom UI and created new buttons. Cavit started working out as many kinks as possible, set up basic AI, set up some basic menus. At the end of sunday we had a polished version.

On monday Cavit needed to go back to work. I spent the day integrating the upgrade system, tweaking the balance, and improving the AI a bit. In the evening Cavit worked on sound, and I built a second level and did some more menu tweaks. We sent in the game at about 2:30 am. Of course, we had a gameplay breaking bug within half an hour ( money labels did not show up). We are not sure why it happened, because it did not happen in the editor, but we needed to recode the ui system a bit, and went to bed at 4 am on monday.

What went wrong?

– What you see in the unity editor might not be what you get on other PCs. We had a really nasty bug after launching, needed to test on more computers

– Games like this are hard to balance, one player will beat it easily, others will not be able to make it. Needed more levels

– There could be some more depth in the game, we had more conceptual stuff on paper that did not make it in.

– Would have been awesome if the game had been multiplayer

– Health stuff: We worked until too late, now our sleep schedules are messed up, ate too much wasabi chips and other crap, need to spend a lot of time in the gym now.

What went right?

– Prototype done on the first day

– The game was easily extendable, we could add layers like upgrades later on.

– We enjoyed working on the game, it is a happy looking game, and that made us happy to work on it.

– We kept the graphic assets requirements low. This way we could focus on the gameplay (this was a fix to my biggest mistake last LD)

– We cleared our schedules as much as possibly, this made it easy to focus. We worked with skype on almost constantly, and in general we are very good at working together.

What did not make the game?

If we would make a full game out of this. We would add a number of features.

– Base defense, like turrets.

– Camera zoom, so you can see more of the battlefield

– Minimap with circle and dots of friendly and enemy troops

– Flying units so you can bypass lanes/death from above.

– Multiplayer


Cavit and I had a  lot of fun, and are definitely joining next LD. We are thinking about making a more full-featured game out of this for PC/Mac/iPad/PSN? after we finish the project we are currently working on.

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