This is my second Ludum Dare- on the last one, there was a screen where I was able to view all the entries and see what I had given ratings to, etc. Where can I find that screen? (I feel like I’ve looked everywhere).

Also, is there a way to sort by submitted type? I don’t have Windows and I’d like to only see submission that are OSX|Web|Flash|Java.

Thanks!- this past weekend was a blast and I’m hoping for many more. Thanks for putting this together.

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  1. spilth says:

    I would like an interface like this too, especially the OS/Web view.

  2. kiswa says:

    It would certainly be nice to filter by submission type. Maybe something will come of this?

  3. Gornova says:

    yeah maybe, +1 for me!

  4. Drabiter says:

    I think it’s quite hard, since we can change the title of links (ie from “windows” to “xp/vista/7”). Maybe tagging system or checklist table can make the query possible.

  5. tequibo says:

    You can see list of games you have given ratings “Play and rate games” link

  6. Raptor85 says:

    I would LOVE to sort by submission type, especially since half the resuilts when searching for “linux” or “html5” are “i was thinking of making a linux version but didnt have time…”..etc

    It doesnt need to be hard though, just take a poll of what’s in there now and create a set of dropdown boxes to select 5 or so platforms you support and just name the downloads like normal, but allow us to sort on those dropdowns.

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