The Little Glitch – Postmortem

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April 23rd, 2012 10:20 am

Well, I guess that’s time to do a little recap on my entry: The Little Glitch

What went right:

  • I finished on time!
  • Made the basic engine abstract enough to be able to be extended to any interaction possible.
  • Focused on code first, then level design, then graphics.
  • I chose tools I am used to.
  • Kept ideas in the plane of doable.

What went wrong:

  • Wasted 5 hours of great inspiration in a event.
  • Internet was slow as hell
  • Used outdated beta version of Unity, had to upload web version later.
  • On-the-fly slow level designing
  • Saw the theme 5 minutes in the compo

What to improve next time:

  • Make a usable and efficient library for basic things
  • Cancel all events.
  • Check the theme right when it is chosen.
  • Plan features before implementing
  • Make concept art
  • Take screenshots

I kind of planned the game as I went creating, with no design beforehand, no plans on what to do.
But overall, I think I made a good job. This is the first game I am officialy completing, everything else I made was just tech demos to test engine capabilities.
I also hope new Ludum Darians (or whatever) read these post-mortems and prepare themselves before joining.

Tips to fellow programmers:

  • Plan yourself, let nothing in the way of your creation.
  • Use a platform / engine you already know.
  • Sleep enough, or sleep a lot before the event starts.

Note to self: buy a faster and more stable internet.


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